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Apr 5

iA Writer – Information Architects, Inc.

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
iA Writer artwork

iA Writer

Information Architects, Inc.

Genre: Productivity

Price: $0.99

Release Date: September 21, 2010

iPHONE INTRODUCTION: 50% OFF! — The quintessential writing machine for your iPad and iPhone. iA Writer makes sure that your thoughts go into the text—and not into the program. With keyboard extension, focus mode, iCloud and Dropbox integration.

“Beautiful and simple.” —The Guardian
“Everything goes away except for the writing experience." —Stephen Fry
“Writer has out-innovated Apple.” —Fast Company

- Keyboard extension with ← → and punctuation keys
- FocusMode™ lets you concentrate on active text (iPad only)
- Typeface optimized for iPhone and iPad

- Polished to be easy and clear
- No settings
- No complicated interactions

- Seamless sync between Mac, iPhone and iPad
- iCloud
- Dropbox

The latest videos, FAQ, support and tips:

- iPhone/iPad universal
- Full screen view when typing
- Native AirPrint support
- Retina optimized font face
- Dropbox stability improvements
- Fixes & Enhancements

© (c) 2011 Information Architects, Inc.

Apr 5

Tips for iPhone 4S – TouchInside

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
Tips for iPhone 4S artwork

Tips for iPhone 4S


Genre: Productivity

Price: $0.99

Release Date: March 02, 2011

✔ Limited Time Sale! ✔ "New and Noteworthy" featured by Apple

"Tips for iPhone 4S could have easily come from iPhone 4S(iOS 5.0). It's simple, easy, and powerful HD Video Tutorial Application."

✓ Get the most out of your iPhone 4S with THE guide to hidden features, tips & tricks

✔ Incredible Features
✓ Easy, Simple and Powerfull High-Definition Video Tutorial
✓ Landscape & Portrait Display Support
✓ Retina Display Support
✓ The Best of Tips and More.
✓ Over 153 tips and free updates with each revision of iOS.
✓ iOS 5.0 Supported
✓ iAD Supported
✓ Airplay Supported
✓ AppleTV Supported

✔ What's New in this Version 2.0
✓ iPhone4S & iOS5 New Tips !
✓ Notification Center
✓ Slide Lock Screen Notifications
✓ iMessage
✓ Group iMessage
✓ Press Volume Up
✓ Open From Lock Screen
✓ Slide for Camera Roll
✓ Grid Lines
✓ Exposure and Focus Lock
✓ Create Photo Albums
✓ Edit Pictures
✓ Safari Reader
✓ Private Browsing
✓ Flag Emails
✓ Typing Shortcuts
✓ Reminders
✓ Newsstand
✓ Weather at Current Location
✓ Hourly Forecast
✓ Twitter
✓ Wi-Fi Sync
✓ Delete Individual Calls
✓ Print a Map
✓ Calendar Week View
✓ Dictionary Everywhere
✓ Game Center
✓ iCloud
✓ Automatic Download
✓ Photo Stream
✓ AirPlay Mirroring
✓ Reading List
✓ LED Flash
✓ Different Sounds for Events
✓ Check App Size and Delete
✓ Hide Message Keyboard
✓ Emoji Emotions
✓ More tips

✓ Don’t just take our word for it, here are some recent reviews:

This app is a guide to intelligibly explain for the iPhone. – by hs.papa
it's simple and amazing! – by gcjz
amazing!! This app has so many things to do! – by Timkhyi
simple & easy tutorial! love it~! – by kdh12x
I think it is very helpful using iPhone4s. very useful! – by satanghero
It's very helpful for people who are using iPhone4s for first time. It's easy to follow. – by Marc Seo

✔ Excellent Customer Support
App Ideas:

We love your positive feedback! Please be kind in your app reviews, tell others how you use Tips for iPhone4S, and stay tuned for new awesome features.

You too can become an iPhone expert, for less than a cup of coffee.

© touchinside

Apr 5

Agenda Calendar – App Savvy

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
Agenda Calendar artwork

Agenda Calendar

App Savvy

Genre: Productivity

Price: $0.99

Release Date: June 21, 2011

*Optimized for the new iPad's Retina display*

When you're mobile, your iPhone calendar app's main focus is to show you what's happening now.

Enter Agenda.

Agenda is a beautifully designed calendar for the iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad that gives you various "at a glance" views. We've stripped away all the stuff you don't need, so you can more quickly manage your day.

We also have introduced a clever feature called “status taps.” “Status taps” allow you to quickly confirm events, indicate arrival or lateness, and more generally send an email or SMS (iPhone-only) to attendees of an event from the event view using predefined messages. They also make phone numbers and addresses tappable, to initiate calls and open the Maps application respectively.


★Featured by Apple around the world★, download Agenda now and join the thousands of customers who are calling it ★the★ calendar app they've been waiting for on iOS. Chosen as one of Macword's highly selective 2011 "App Gems," Agenda has also been named "App of the Day" on Lifehacker and picked as TWiT's weekly "App Cap," while receiving rave reviews on TUAW, MacStories, swissmiss, AppAdvice, Minimal Mac, and just about every Apple, design, or productivity site on the Web.

"[Agenda] is a great calendar app, the best I have used on iOS thus far. Well done."
- The Brooks Review

"Agenda brings back the good stuff of desktop calendars to your iPhone and iPad."
- AppAdvice

"Agenda is clean, easy to use, and powered by a great gesturing system…get it."
- MacStories

"Agenda is a fast, tidy calendar app for iPhone."
- The Unofficial Apple Weblog

"Agenda is the calendar that should come with every iPad."
- Appstorm


Agenda supports Google Calendar, iCloud, Microsoft Exchange etc. by using the local iOS calendar app. All calendars in the iOS calendar will be available in Agenda.


+ Classic at a glance layout and twelve gorgeous themes
+ “Status taps” allow you to quickly send an email or SMS (iPhone-only) from the event view
+ Links, phone numbers, locations, etc. are actionable in the event view (e.g., addresses open up the Maps app)
+ Unique "Goal View" for keeping your year on track
+ Copy event in the event view using the share feature
+ Share an event and event invite via email
+ Swipes and gestures to quickly move you between views
+ “Go To” picker to fly to a date of choice
+ In iOS 5, show event alerts in Notification Center and the Lock Screen*
+ Eight custom event alert sounds
+ Advanced custom alerts and reminders from the event screen when Due is installed (
+ Add today’s date to the badge

* Agenda does not have the ability show upcoming events like the iOS calendar in Notification Center; it can only show alerts that have triggered


+ Tap the status bar on any view to return to “today”
+ Swipe between the year, month, week, day, or event views with one finger
+ Search events by tapping the “Go To” icon (“14”) on the week (list) view
+ Landscape week view accessible from the week (list) view
+ Set the default opening view; choose the year, month, week, or day, or event view
+ Week numbers are available on the landscape week view


+ Tap the “Target” icon for “today”
+ Incredibly designed "iPad Mode" in landscape or enjoy the "Classic" swipe-driven iPhone interface in portrait
+ Search events by visiting the “Day” view
+ Amazing week view that shows your entire week at once
+ Set the default opening view (Settings → Extras); choose the year, month, week, or day view
+ Week numbers are available on the month view

=====GET IN TOUCH==============

Have a question or concern about the app? Have a feature request? Visit the settings to drop a quick email from inside the app or head over to the Agenda site at, where we have a FAQ that addresses 98% of all questions.

© 2012 savvy apps

Apr 5

N+OTES – RIEU Limited

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
N+OTES artwork


RIEU Limited

Genre: Productivity

Price: $1.99

Release Date: November 21, 2011

☆★☆✶✭ SALE! Special price for the first 300 buyers only! Price will increase soon, get it now! ★☆✶✭☆

N+OTES is the easiest to use notes app with folders support you'll find on the App Store.

✔ Easy use simple/functional design just to make simple/plain text notes.
✔ Make folders to store your notes in.
✔ Search for folders or notes.
✔ Order/sort your notes by:
- alphabetical
- latest created
- latest modified
- default, manual ordering
✔ When viewing a note you can swipe to turn pages of your notes almost like real paper! Or tap on the sides to quickly change to next/previous note.
✔ Backup data, export/ import through e-mail.

+ Quickly copy a whole note.
+ Email a note.
+ Tweet a note using iOS 5 Twitter integration.
+ Message a note to others.
+ Print a note.

+Pinch to zoom in/out note text.

+ Universal application
✔ Retina display supported
✔ Landscape/Portrait modes supported

© RIEU Ltd. 2011

Apr 5

Shopping List (Grocery List) – hensoft

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
Shopping List (Grocery List) artwork

Shopping List (Grocery List)


Genre: Productivity

Price: $2.99

Release Date: March 08, 2010

This app brings the most easy-to-use shopping list to your iPhone or iPod touch! Sort your items into store departments and organize your shopping trip! Sync your shopping lists with family and friends!

All products are saved into the database including the last entered amount and department and thus stand by for fast query next time.


✔ Speed up your shopping trip by sorting products to categories. Organize the categories to fit the store aisles of your favorite supermarkets.

✔ Quick-Select products from database incl. last entered amount, price and notes

✔ Calculate the total amount of your shopping list (incl. your local tax).

✔ Multiple units to choose from

✔ Add notes to your items

✔ Easy and intuitive interface

✔ Full Retina support for your iPhone 4 or iPod touch 4G

✔ Filter the list by done/undone items

✔ Many options to configure the app

✔ Share your shopping list by E-Mail

✔ Manage multiple shopping lists and sort your products to different stores

✔ Create recipes/default lists

Enjoy all these features wrapped in a beautiful design.


You are able to sync your shopping lists with other iOS devices such as iPads, iPhones or iPods. Just create an account and experience the fully automatic sync process.


Apple featured in category "Cooking".

nimopress – "… this one is my definitely personal favorite. If you are looking for a grocery shopping app that looks and works great without distractions, this is it. Mum absolutely loves this one."

iPhone Application List – "…it is an app that gives you everything you would need in helping you to organize your grocery shopping trips."


Write an E-Mail to
Visit our website at

© 2010 hensoft