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Apr 5

Organizing Junkie – From I’m an Organizing Junkie ( – Organize Your Home! – Roaming Hill

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
Organizing Junkie - From I'm an Organizing Junkie ( - Organize Your Home! artwork

Organizing Junkie – From I’m an Organizing Junkie ( – Organize Your Home!

Roaming Hill

Genre: Productivity

Price: $1.99

Release Date: November 30, 2011

Simple and easy to use organizing and home task management app based on the organizing tips and tricks of Professional Organizer, Laura Wittmann. Laura is the author of the book *Clutter Rehab* and founder of the popular organizing website/blog "I'm an Organizing Junkie" (

Here’s how it works:

This app has been designed as a tool to help you simplify and organize your daily task list without making things more complicated than they need to be. As a busy work at home mom of three, Laura understands that we don’t need another tool to distract us from what needs to get done. What we need is a tool that helps us focus and stay on task without overwhelming us further. This app was created with that goal in mind.

Each day take three tasks from your master task list and add them to the daily top three section. These three designated daily tasks are your priority tasks for the day helping you narrow your focus and not be overwhelmed with everything else that needs to be done. Check tasks off as you complete them and be rewarded with fireworks when you’ve accomplished what you set out to do. Way to go!

Have 5 minutes to spare? You’d be surprised what you can accomplish in such a short amount of time. This app will provide you with one helpful suggestion at a time. Don’t like the one that’s given to you, shake your phone and you’ll be offered another. Use the included timer feature and you’ll be done in no time.

Another way to alleviate the overwhelming feeling that often accompanies clutter is to assign one organizing task to accomplish each week using the 52 weeks of organizing feature. This feature will help you monitor your progress as you take this year long organizational journey.

**So many simple yet effective organizing features all in one place designed to help you move from a life of chaos and clutter to one of sanity and order without losing your mind in the

- Top 3 Daily Tasks
- 52 Weeks (getting organized one week at a time)
- Tidy Timer (for those walkabouts and 10 minute tidy's)
- Less than 30 minutes and less than 5 minute suggested tasks
- Personal home Mission Statement
- Easy access to the "I'm an Organizing Junkie" blog
- and more to come with each free update…

Learn more at:

© 2011 Roaming Hill, LLC

Apr 5

Awesome Calendar – YunaSoft Inc.

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
Awesome Calendar artwork

Awesome Calendar

YunaSoft Inc.

Genre: Productivity

Price: $0.99

Release Date: November 17, 2011

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
AwesomeCalendar is on SALE with 65% off today. It will be going for only 3 days. Don't miss the last chance.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Now you can automatically sync with Google Calendar via iCal, write your todo list, create notes with photos, check the weather and more, all with Awesome Calendar! This elegant application keeps you organized, shows holidays and is even perfect for team projects. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

Simply the best…
“…best calendar/organizer out there…While the other calendar/organizers out there take 8 to 15 seconds to open up, this one opens in two seconds or less. Another feature worth ranting is the ability to embed graphics as notes. While this feature is advertised as a means to embed photos, I embed handwritten notes from Touchwriter HD.”
- Chris Lumsargis

You’re away from the office but need to check your schedule. What do you do? Open up Awesome Calendar, of course. It only takes a second or two. The app automatically syncs with your Google Calendar to let you know when you have time for that next meeting.

Quick as a wink, you add the meeting to your calendar then create a note that will help you prepare for it. A fast snap of the camera or visit to your camera roll and you add a picture of the product you’re quoting on, the item needing repair, or whatever you want. Another tap and you share all the information with your assistant back at the office, who can get the ball rolling on this project.

You pride yourself on making things happen fast, that’s why you have Awesome Calendar on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. In one speedy swoop, right from the client’s office, you were able to set up dates and times, note all of the information, and get things underway remotely. Once again, you are providing the five-star service you are known for.

Awesome Calendar is the all-in-tool to help you manage your personal and business life. View and edit your schedule, check the weather, create a todo list, write in your diary, embed photos in notes, check for holidays. This one does it all!

Want to share your schedule and notes? Would you like to have someone help you with your growing todo list? No problem, you can do those things from right inside the Awesome Calendar app. That’s right, it’s that easy and convenient. You never have to leave the app to use it most efficiently.

The time management power and functionality of this app is amazing. It has an elegant, easy-to-use interface from where you can organize your life and schedule. Aside from the tasks already mentioned, the application offers month, week, day and list views, event alarms, collapsible weeks, holiday listings for 35 different countries, and far more than what can be listed here.

Check out just a few of the features offered in Awesome Calendar:
* Beautifully elegant interface
* Perfect synchronization with Goo-Calendar via iCal
* 3 apps in 1
* Multiple calendar control
* Month, week (collapsible weekends), day and list views
* Grouping of todo tasks option
* Progress overview of todo lists
* Holidays noted for 35 countries
* Quick Add event with simple touch and hold
* Powerful diary lets you type notes and embed photos. Undo/redo supported.
* Full text search for event, note and todo
* Easy-push event alarm
* Weather information display – localized current and 4 day forecast
* Simple swipe to move between months, weeks, days
* Lots of Cuteeeee stickers available to use in month view
* Share events, notes and todo lists from inside the app
* Passcode lock
* Monday/Sunday start option.

Download Awesome Calendar now. You won’t believe how efficient you’re going to be.

You can sync. ONLY events between iPhone and iPad via iCloud or google calendar. Note and todo is not possible to sync.

© Copyright © 2011 Yunasoft Inc. All rights reserved.

Apr 5

Week Planner – Fast and Simple – Easun

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
Week Planner - Fast and Simple artwork

Week Planner – Fast and Simple


Genre: Productivity

Price: $0.99

Release Date: October 04, 2011

*To Week Planner users: Thank you very much for the wonderful ratings, reviews, and for all those users that have been eagerly waiting for this update.

Week Planner is just the simplest week-base planner with essential functions only.
A planner as simple as〈Notes〉is finally here.

Week Planner is the fastest way to manage your schedules, because it is done with the FEWEST tabs possible and does not require nor confuse you with any complicated features at all.
It is also great for to-do's, a diary, or anything date based.

- a fullscreen week view
- a classic design with focus on the contents
- a LOT of words in a single line
- swipe for next/previous week
- 1 tap to start typing
- extra special character keys

© 2011 Easun

Apr 5

Paperless: Lists + Checklists – Crush Apps

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
Paperless: Lists + Checklists artwork

Paperless: Lists + Checklists

Crush Apps

Genre: Productivity

Price: $2.99

Release Date: March 05, 2010

Get the app that Macworld says "deserves a spot on your iPhone"!

Paperless is a simple but powerful app for making lists. Use it to create to do lists, make grocery lists, take notes, write an outline of a story, prepare notes for a presentation, make a list of gift ideas, plan a vacation… or anything else you'd want to make a list for.

Assign a fun sticker icon to each of your lists, there are over 300 to choose from. In addition, there are 12 overall app design themes to choose from.

Paperless was built with the user in mind and has a clean, elegant and quick to use interface. Each list can either be a checklist or a regular list without checkboxes, making a wide variety of uses possible.

For checklists and todo lists, many people prefer using Paperless over traditional "getting things done" apps – or, they use it in addition to one. With Paperless, there are no due dates or priority settings, so you're left to focus on the actual tasks at hand, rather than waste time changing those settings when your priorities change. Instead, if a particular task becomes important, you can simply move it to the top of the list.

Automatically backup your lists and sync them between iOS devices via a free Dropbox account.

- send lists via email, others can import your list into their copy of Paperless
- easily duplicate lists
- manually reorder lists and list items
- sort list items alphabetically
- copy and move items from one list to another
- comprehensive search
- passcode lock

We're happy to help with any questions or suggestions. Common questions are answered here:

"Paperless deserves a spot on your iPhone" – Lex Friedman, Macworld (4.5 out of 5 mice rating)

"I've been trying many To Do apps since iPhone 1.0 — from the expensive Things to Toodledo and others — and I don't use any of them regularly. Most just require too much effort. Paperless is the first one I've found that hits that sweet spot between being simple enough you'll actually use it and powerful enough to be useful." – Marc Zeedar, REALbasic Developer Magazine (4.8 out of 5 rating)

"This is one nice-looking list / task app… As a basic list app, the beautiful Paperless reigns supreme." – Bonnie Eisenman, (4 out of 5 rating)

"Best app ever – The most incredibly useful app I've come across. Simple, effective and bloody marvelous!!!"

"The simplicity of the interface and the flexibility given to the user is perfection."

"Simply loved it – Best app I've ever downloaded, my life is so organized now! …"

"After having tried a good deal of apps to get myself more organized – both free and paid – it is clear that this tops them all. Other apps presented a kind of novelty; I could fool myself into thinking that I was more organized, but it was never long before I abandoned them because it was obvious that they consumed unnecessary time. Paperless, however, has truly helped. It is streamlined, it is simple, it is sumptuous"

If you love Paperless, please leave a review and star rating. Thank you!

© 2010 – 2012 Crush Apps Inc.

Apr 5

Voice SMS : Speech to Text – GigiApps

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
Voice SMS : Speech to Text artwork

Voice SMS : Speech to Text


Genre: Productivity

Price: $0.99

Release Date: December 21, 2011

Dictate SMS instead of writing: Voice SMS transforms your voice into text message ready to send! Save valuable time every day.

Recognizes 9 ​​Languages​​. It means for example that you can talk in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Norwegian, German and send text messages in the language of your friends.

It supports also punctuation.

It Requires an internet connection!

© @2011 GigiApps