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Apr 5

Voice Memos – Verge23

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
Voice Memos artwork

Voice Memos


Genre: Productivity

Price: $0.99

Release Date: July 11, 2008

Voice Memos enables you to record and review personal audio messages. From recording grocery lists to meeting notes, Voice Memos gives convenience when a pen will not suffice.

1) Record for seconds or hours.

2) Fast-forward, rewind, and pause during playback.

3) Rename recordings with ease.

4) Familiar user interface.

5) Keeps recording when iPhone goes to sleep.

6) Record and playback with headset microphone.

Thank you for your purchase.

© 2008 Verge23

Apr 5

Delete Contacts Fast – DeleteQ – Ostrich Eggs

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
Delete Contacts Fast - DeleteQ artwork

Delete Contacts Fast – DeleteQ

Ostrich Eggs

Genre: Productivity

Price: $0.99

Release Date: May 16, 2011

“DeleteQ” is the best way to delete contacts quickly.
You can quickly and easily select multiple contacts and delete them from address book on your iPhone.

* # 15 Top Paid (Spain Productivity,April 2012)
* # 16 Top Paid (Italy Productivity,April 2012)
* # 30 Top Paid (Japan Productivity,April 2012)
* # 34 Top Paid (Germany Productivity,April 2012)
* # 80 Top Paid (USA Productivity, April 2012)

❖❖❖ Tested ❖❖❖
“DeleteQ” is tested with 4,000+ contacts
✓ Smooth loading 4,000+ contacts
✓ Deleted 1,500+ contacts under 1 minute
✓ Deleted 3,000+ contacts under 2 minutes
✓ Deleted 4,000+ contacts under 3 minutes

❖❖❖ Features ❖❖❖
1. Quickly select and delete multiple contacts
2. Search contacts by name or phone number.
3. Select all contacts on search result at once, (also you can deselect all)
4. With selected list, you can check contacts before deleting them.
5. With Easy Select, you can select name duplicated, no email address, no phone number contacts at once.
6. With number scroll index and sorted list by name, you can fast scroll and find contacts.

© Ostrich Eggs

Apr 5

Pipe Fitter Calculator – LMF.Services

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
Pipe Fitter Calculator artwork

Pipe Fitter Calculator


Genre: Productivity

Price: $4.99

Release Date: January 13, 2012

Pipe Fitter Calculator – the fast, easy, dynamic and powerful…. yet simple to use

The Pipe Fitter Calculator is designed for Pipefitters/ Welders/ Fabricators to eliminate the time it takes to calculate normal piping calculations.
- Input Values as Fractions
- Input Metric
- Calculate "long radius", "short radius" and "3 Radius" fittings
- Determines Cut Length of Pipe to build spool piece
- Generates Values to cut any angle fitting out of a 90
- Rolling Offsets
- Equal Spread offsets
- Advanced rolling offset vertical outlet
- Advanced rolling offset exiting pipe left
- Pipe Guide Book – Finding angles and sides

*** Please note this is a calculator with accurate functions similar to a standard calculator. The data generated is 100% based upon the data you put in. any issues please use the in app feedback screen and contact me and I will assist you.***

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After 10 years working as an Industrial Pipefitter, it felt like something was missing. And here it is. A calculator that literally increases productivity as it calculates every aspect of the fit up for you. Simply supply a minimum amount of information as you normally would in your daily calculations and the calculator will determine angles, lengths, offset etc all with the click of a button. Modestly speaking this app does everything but fit the pipe for you.
There are 5 screens included in this calculator:

1. Take Out For Any Angle: This is a basic calculation used quite often. The best part of this screen is not the calculation of the take-out but the ability to cut your own custom fitting just by using the measurements provided.

2. Rolling Offset Using 45's: This calculator will calculate all dimensions in the offset, all you have to do is provide the rise and the roll and it does the rest. simple as that.

3. Rolling Offset With Any Angle: This is a perfect calculator for those that need to create an offset within a specified space. You do not have the luxury to use 45's and that is where this comes in. Use the "Takeout For Any Angle" calculator to cut the custom fitting generated here as well.

4. Any Angle Offset: This is a handy screen for calculating a basic offset with any angle. Type in your rise and run and voila… you are up and running. Cut length of pipe and angle of the fitting all ready to go.

5. Equal Spread Offset: This is perfect for those running parallel runs of pipe. It will calculate for any angle and based on values given, you can apply this to an infinite number of lines running side by side.

Your feedback is always welcome on this app, as we are always improving its functionality. if for any reason your device has an issue on install or functionality please let us know. We will fix it. We want everyone to be able to utilize this tool at work to improve their productivity and value as a pipefitter/Fabricator.
Contact us either by:
Phone: 207-200-1556
Text: 207-200-1556

(our webpage has a comment form. Enter your info and comments there as well as request to receive updates on existing and new products to improve your workflow)

Please note we make no claim or responsibility in the values generated and the user takes sole responsibility when using this application. Thank you.

© Kevin Morneault, 2012

Apr 5

Tips & Tricks – iPad Secrets (iOS 5 Edition) – Intelligenti Ltd

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
Tips & Tricks - iPad Secrets (iOS 5 Edition) artwork

Tips & Tricks – iPad Secrets (iOS 5 Edition)

Intelligenti Ltd

Genre: Productivity

Price: $0.99

Release Date: April 30, 2010

"This app could have easily come from Apple. It's simple, logical, and beautifully designed. Very well done"

✓ Get the most out of your iPad 1, 2 or the NEW 3rd Generation iPad with THE guide to hidden features, shortcuts, tips & tricks.

✓ Essential help in over 100 snappily written tips – we cut out the waffle and cut straight to the point.

✓ Free updates with each revision of iOS and new products.

✓ Email tips to yourself for easy reference or be the guru and send them to friends via Email and Twitter with iOS 5.

Produced by the Winners of the Best App in the O2 App Showdown Contest. (O2 are the UK's largest carrier – the UK's AT&T).

Some recent reviews:

★★★★★ "This is a great, useful app. I learned several very useful tricks that I use often. Well worth the $. I refer back to it often. I gift this app to friends when they buy iPads. I also have the app for the iPhone. Another great app." – 27th December 2011 USA

★★★★★ "If you bought a book that contained this amount of information, it would cost ten to twenty dollars. There are a lot of hidden features that make using an iOS 4 device easier when you know where they are. This app provides a better way to find them. Each secret is concisely described on a single non-scrolling page with a short simple title. Many also include a graphic showing highlights of the feature. Worth every penny and more." Feb 16th 2011 USA

★★★★★ "The best app I've bought so far. I'm not even halfway through reading all the hints and tips but have already decided this is the best 59p spent on the app store! Every iPad should come with this app preloaded. So many things I never realised you could do and they make life so much easier. Buy it." – 27th Jun 2011, UK

★★★★★ "This application is great! Well worth the money …..very helpful!" 12th Nov 2011, Cjsnot, USA

If you want to get the most out of your iPad without reading a $20-30 manual you NEED THIS APP!

© 2011 Intelligenti Ltd.

Apr 5

Shift Worker – Production Shed Pty Ltd

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
Shift Worker artwork

Shift Worker

Production Shed Pty Ltd

Genre: Productivity

Price: $1.99

Release Date: January 25, 2010

Shift Worker is an iPhone/iPod Touch application designed for people who need a quick and easy way to enter and view their shifts.

A traditional calendar is not always ideal for shift workers. Sometimes it's not easy to see your upcoming shift schedule very clearly, especially if your shifts don't fall into the traditional working week. Shift Worker solves this problem and turns the frustrating task of entry into a quick and easy experience.

Shift Worker allows you to create your own types of shifts by combining visually-attractive icons with letters/numbers so that they can be easily identified at a glance. By including a range of icons (such as suns and stars for day and night shifts) in a variety of colors, any combination is possible for all types of shifts.

Entering shifts can be done quickly by simply selecting a type of shift and tapping on each date it occurs. An entire month of shifts could be entered in seconds, an entire year in a few minutes!

In addition, Shift Worker allows you to send your shifts via email so that others can also see your shifts at a glance. To make things even simpler, you can even save your shifts to your iPhone/iPod's background so that referring to your upcoming shift schedule is as simple as picking up your iPhone/iPod.

Shift Worker also includes the ability to create colored personalized notes for each date. Notes can be used anytime additional information needs to be added to a date.


* Create a virtually unlimited amount of shift types
* Enter shifts on the calendar months in advance in seconds
* Add your rotation and automatically fill the calendar in a few simple steps
* View the calendar in timeline format to see your shift flow at a glance
* Create colored personalized notes for any date on the calendar
* Include week of year or week 1/2 alternating pattern on calendar
* Jump to any month by using the "Goto" button
* Save a month's worth of shifts to your background
* Send your shifts to others via email, MMS, Facebook or Twitter

© Production Shed Pty Ltd