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Apr 5

Typing Genius – installs 450 Emoticon(Emoji)! – Gary Fung

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
Typing Genius - installs 450 Emoticon(Emoji)! artwork

Typing Genius – installs 450 Emoticon(Emoji)!

Gary Fung

Genre: Productivity

Price: $0.99

Release Date: November 05, 2008

Typing Genius is the ultimate way to practice and improve your typing skills on the iPhone or iPod Touch.


NEW  Get emojis on your iPhone and iPod Touch! OS 2.2 or above required.

Emoji is Japanese for emoticons or picture characters.
• First open Typing Genius and close it. This reveals the setting in Japanese keyboard.
• Then simply go to Settings > General > Keyboard > International Keyboards > Japanese > Emoji, and turn emojis "ON".

That's all it takes!

Now you can use OVER 400 emojis/emoticon including smileys, animals, sports, music, celebration and other fun icons.
Emoji is especially fun with Distant shore, iMob, Twinkle, Twitterific and Tweetie!

• Press the world icon key found on the keyboard beside the space bar.
• Use emojis in SMS, Mail, wherever your standard keyboard shows up.

Contact for an questions.


Now is the time to get your touch typing up to speed! Show users of other mobile devices and blackberries the true power of the software keyboard. Progress through practical exercises and track your results — prove that typing without a physical keypad can be fast and accurate!

Offered for a limited time to allow more users to take advantage of Apple's brilliant software keyboard!

• Desktop-grade training experience in the FIRST and ONLY complete typing trainer on the App Store
• 17 categories of remedial and practical exercises
• Comparison with landscape mode and without autocorrection to benchmark results
• Over 50 exercises randomized to keep statistics accurate
• Over 10 key statistics including graphed results

• Invite a friend to complete an exercise – compare your CPM at a glance
• Learn typing tips that you never knew existed!
• Truly train yourself by learning how to maximize the software keyboard – autocorrection is default to train you to use the keyboard like it is designed

Most iPhone or iPod Touch users type at an average rate of 30-50 CPM. Typing genius can assist you in reaching an average of 100-150CPM — Triple your typing speed while improving accuracy!

To learn more about Typing Genius, visit

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© Gary Fung

Apr 5

 emoji iEmoji icons – get smiley, emoticon keyboard – SpiceLoop

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
 emoji iEmoji icons - get smiley, emoticon keyboard artwork

 emoji iEmoji icons – get smiley, emoticon keyboard


Genre: Productivity

Price: $0.99

Release Date: February 22, 2009

Hot News: Apple has ranked iEmoji in the Top Selling Apps of 2009. See the "Rewind 2009" iTunes screenshot below!

It's  let's go 
My  got delayed again 
Man, the  ride scared the  out of me!
Want to meet for  after work?
 Can u    for  practice?
I  my  today
Taking my  for  shopping 

Want a keyboard that lets you type expressive messages with pictures & icons such as above? Use iEmoji and get the smiley/emoticon keyboard on your iPhone or iPod Touch!!

 Apple has ranked iEmoji in the Top Selling Apps of 2009. See the "Rewind 2009" iTunes screenshot below! Use iEmoji and discover why it is in the Top Selling Apps of 2009!

 "…non stop entertainment for a buck!" – CNET

 "… 23,000+ ratings, 4.5 stars – this app will blow you away!" – MacWorld

 "… this app rocks! Highly addictive" – LA Times

 "… a must have app for your iPhone." – New York Times

What's emoji? Emoji are emoticons such as  you can type within Notes, SMS, Mail or any other application on your iPhone.

To get the emoji/emoticon keyboard, do the following:

 iEmoji works on iPhone and iPod Touch with iPhone OS 4.x, 3.x and 2.x. iPad compatibility coming soon!

 Buy and launch iEmoji on your iPhone (or iPod Touch). Make sure you have wifi/cell connection so that your device is connected to the internet. Also make sure you have iPhone OS 2.2 (or higher).

 IMPORTANT: Within the iEmoji app, click on "…" button at the bottom of the screen and then tap on the "Help" button. Once you can see the help information, click on "Done" button on the right top. Exit iEmoji.

 Go to "Settings > General > Keyboard > International Keyboards " and turn ON "English" keyboard.

 iPhone iOS 4: Go to "Settings > General > Keyboard > International Keyboards > Add New Keyboard…" and add "Emoji" keyboard. Now the emoji keyboard is available for you.

 iPhone iOS 3 & 2: Go to "Settings > General > Keyboard > International Keyboards > Japanese" and turn ON "Emoji". Now the emoji keyboard is available for you.

 Reboot/restart your iPhone. If you do not restart, you cannot use emoji in the email application.

To use the emoji keyboard in SMS, Mail, Notes or any other application, when you are typing on the keyboard, tap on the world/globe key (to the left of the space bar) to bring up the emoji keyboard. Enjoy using the 450+ emojis with iEmoji 

Note: Once the emoji keyboard is enabled, you can safely uninstall the iEmoji app.

For Web Developers

Do you want to build web pages optimized for the iPhone? Do you want to use emoji (i.e. emoticon) characters such as below in your web pages?


Look no further. In addition to enabling the emoji keyboard, iEmoji gives you a list of easy to use codes for all the 461 emoji characters that iPhone (and iPod Touch) supports. Quickly embed these codes into your HTML pages and churn out cool looking web pages.

IMPORTANT: Web pages built with iPhone specific emoji are displayed properly only when viewed with the Safari browser on an iPhone (or iPod Touch) with iPhone OS 2.2 or higher. When such pages are viewed outside an iPhone (e.g. on a pc or mac), garbled characters will displayed instead of the emoji characters.

KEYWORDS: emoji, iEmoji, smiley, smileys, emoticon, emoticons, imoji.

© 2008 SpiceLoop

Apr 5

iGroup Contacts+Speed dial – EnSight Media

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
iGroup Contacts+Speed dial artwork

iGroup Contacts+Speed dial

EnSight Media

Genre: Productivity

Price: $0.99

Release Date: January 16, 2012

[Notice] $3.99 -> $0.99 (75%) Discount for limited time! Sound Travel

★Release event – super sale! 3.99$ -> 0.99$★
Group management + speed dial + search at once!

Were you so troubled because of no group management on contact?
Do you want to call or text someone you frequently contact with one touch?
Do you want to quickly search the contact with last digits?
Use iGroup contacts App so as to solve all of them at once!

◆Group management◆

✔Making a group
Manage your contact with family, friend, work and more groups.

You can easily manage with Drag&drop for move, select and delete.

✔Group message/send mail
You can conveniently send group message or mail.

✔Smart group
It makes automatic group by each job, birthday, and profile photos.

✔Secret group
You can set password to hide the group.
(Applied only within the group contact.)

◆Smart Keypad◆

You can rapidly search.

✔Number search
You can enter partial contact number for search.
(just enter 5678 or 678 for searching 855-1234-5678)

✔Speed dial (synchronized with favorite)
You can press and hold the keypad button in order of favorite list to make a call.
(You can only call and numbers must be on favorite list.)

✔Quick call
Press and hold the last number after entering the contact number when making a call.
(855-1234-5678~~~~~~ -> connect)

◆Speed dial (favorite) ◆

✔One touch to call/text
List favorite contacts to call or text at once.
(You can move it to the right next to equipped message App of the iPhone via setting.)

◆Other varieties of convenient functions◆

✔ [Synchronize] You can automatically synchronize saved contact on iPhone.
✔ [Security] set password to start the app, lock on group management and hide group
✔ [Alarm] auto push alarm for set birthday and anniversary
✔ [Theme] provide two themes (blue, pink)
✔ [Support] support Kakao Talk and Facetime
✔ [Dial tone] there are many characteristic dial tones
✔ [Screen set] Initial setting with desired screen from group, keypad, favorite(speed dial) when starting the App

※When using Microsoft Exchange
When using Exchange, the created group information is not synchronized but seen only from iGroup contacts App. (the contacts are synchronized)

© 2012 Ensight Media Inc.

Apr 5

Keynote – Apple

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
Keynote artwork



Genre: Productivity

Price: $9.99

Release Date: April 01, 2010

Keynote is the most powerful presentation app ever designed for a mobile device. Built from the ground up for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, it makes creating a world-class presentation — complete with animated charts and transitions — as simple as touching and tapping. Highlight your data with stunning 3D bar, line, area, and pie charts, animated with new 3D chart builds such as Crane, Grow, Radial, and Rotate. Use full-screen view to present right on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Or use video mirroring to present on an HDTV, and preview your slides and notes on your device using the Presenter Display. The Retina display on the new iPad makes everything you do in Keynote even more brilliant. Keynote works with iCloud, so your presentations stay up to date on all your iOS devices — automatically.

Get started quickly
• Choose from 12 Apple-designed themes including Gradient, Showroom, and Portfolio
• Design your presentation using your choice of slide masters, animations, fonts, and style options
• View and edit Keynote ’09 or Microsoft PowerPoint presentations; easily import files from Mail, the web, a WebDAV service, or your Mac or PC using iTunes File Sharing
• Use iCloud to start editing your presentation right where you left off on another iOS device   
• Drag Keynote ’09 or PowerPoint presentations to from your Mac or PC to have them automatically appear on your iOS devices

Format and animate your slides
• Arrange the objects on your slides simply by dragging them to the slide canvas
• Create sophisticated animations using Magic Move, which automatically animates objects across consecutive slides
• Animate objects on slides with more than 20 builds
• Choose from over 20 professional-quality slide transitions, including Anagram, Page Flip, Mosaic, and Twist
• Use predefined text styles or choose text options to personalize your slides
• Quickly add your photos and videos from the Photos app using the Media Browser
• Organize your data with beautiful charts and tables
• Create and view impressive 3D bar, line, area, and pie charts, complete with 3D chart animation
• Skim through your presentation, add new slides, and reorder slides with the slide navigator
• Use advanced presentation controls including autoplay, looped, and viewer-guided slideshows
• Keynote automatically saves your presentations as you make changes 
• Use the undo feature to go back through your previous changes — even the next time you open your presentation

Present and share.
• Use video mirroring to display any presentation on an external display or projector; navigate slides, view presenter notes, and use the laser pointer while presenting from your iOS device; stream wirelessly using AirPlay and Apple TV, or use an adapter (sold separately)
• Copy presentations to a WebDAV service or directly to your Mac or PC using iTunes File Sharing
• Print your presentations on a wireless printer on your network using AirPrint
• Share your work by exporting it as a Keynote ’09, Microsoft PowerPoint, or PDF file and sending it via Mail

© 2010 – 2012 Apple Inc.

Apr 5

Countdown Calendar – The Future of Pinball, LLC

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
Countdown Calendar artwork

Countdown Calendar

The Future of Pinball, LLC

Genre: Productivity

Price: $1.99

Release Date: April 14, 2009

The easiest, most beautiful countdown app for iPhone.

"I've tinkered with other Countdown apps…this is by far the best." – ★★★★★

"A smart interface that absolutely any Apple user would love." – ★★★★★

• Count down to any date by day, weekday, week, month, or year.
• Count up from dates in the past.
• Mail countdowns to other Countdown Calendar users to let them know about important dates.
• Add hyperlinks and notes to countdowns to provide additional background info.
• Download from a central repository of countdowns: movie release dates, sporting events, important dates in Apple history…
• Submit your countdowns to the central repository to share them with others!

© Copyright 2010 The Future of Pinball LLC