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Apr 5

The Habit Factor® (Daily Habits & Goals Tracker / Productivity) – Equilibrium Enterprises, Inc

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
The Habit Factor®  (Daily Habits & Goals Tracker / Productivity) artwork

The Habit Factor® (Daily Habits & Goals Tracker / Productivity)

Equilibrium Enterprises, Inc

Genre: Productivity

Price: $6.99

Release Date: June 22, 2009

***Thanks for making The Habit Factor® The World's bestselling Productivity Dynamic Duo (app & book) & #1 Goals & Habits App! (iOS & Android)***

"With regular use of The Habit Factor®, you can develop any habit necessary to achieve any goal you set for yourself."
~Brian Tracy

*NEW/Updated! Ver. 1.9.7 is here: faster & more stable for iOS5!!

"Achieve Your Goals More Easily" via
See TEDx Feature Post!

Frustrated with the .99¢ and $1.99 Trackers? featured: "Top 8 iPhone apps for Self-Help" & "15+ Worthwhile Ways to Kill Some Time on Your Mobile"

"STAFF FAVOURITE" iTunes UK! FEATURED app iTunes Australia!

"Great app guys! Sharing it with all my clients and on every keynote I do for changing habits." @rsbst via Twitter

• NOTE: Be suspicious of 1 Star reviews since users can use FREE/LITE first to see if they like app BEFORE buying. (curious isn't it?)
• Top #10 Productivity App in 3 Continents!
• Praised by top coaches & trainers, PhD's internationally!
• #1 Self-Help App (non-book)
• As one reviewer put it, "The only goals & habits app actually designed for Adults!"
• Visit our Fan Page!

Raving Fans of The Habit Factor®!
"Great work on The Habit Factor®! It's all about habits. Good ones or bad ones, they make a huge impact!" (visit her blog,, listed in favorite apps post] ~Roz Savage Ocean Rower, Eco Activist, Author, Speaker

This is how you make your smart phone truly SMART! "Skip your vanilla latte and get this app! This is an incredible app to use…" Glenn Magas -Pro Blogger

"This app is awesome. It’s basically Applied Behavior Analysis for self-management… it uses experimentally derived principles of behavior (whether the developers knew/intended this or not) to effect behavior change.” Review by "ABA"

"There is something absolutely magic about this system- it stays with me and really motivates me, that's powerful. It's been a real eye-opener from a planning and organizational standpoint. I already feel like I'm on the right track." @joncarder (twitter)

Would you like to modify or improve your habits? How would you like to achieve a big goal this year?

The Habit Factor® is a simple yet sophisticated app designed for those who grasp the difference between Goals and Habits. Other apps actually regard these as the same!?

The Habit Factor® is the ONLY app to feature HABIT ALIGNMENT TECHNOLOGY™ enabling you to achieve more in less time by aligning numerous critical habits to your goals!

Why Improve your Habits?
Ultimately, there is no denying that it is our habits, collectively, which determine the quality of our life. It's been said that habit equals character and character equals destiny."

The Habit Factor® helps you to quickly establish, track and align your habits with your desired goals to improve your character and enable more precise achievement.

✔ Streaks Charting!
✔ Add Photos to goals
✔ Simple, elegant and clean user interface (designed for iPhone not web)
✔ Motivate! write WHY you wish to develop the habit or goal
✔ ALIGN! Habit Alignment Technology™ Aligns your habits with goals to achieve goals more quickly
✔ Custom Tracking Periods; week, month, custom or none.
✔ Select target days for habits
✔ BALANCE! Color code habits with key wellness categories; Mind, Body, Spirit and Social
✔ Daily Tracking Notes!
✔ Sort/Prioritize Habits and Goals
✔ Chart habit or goal data
✔ Inspirational quotes
✔ Too many to list!!

Check support page first! KEEP THE FEEDBACK COMING! THANK YOU!

© 2008-2012, Equilibrium Enterprises, Inc.

Apr 5

WritePad – Stan Miasnikov

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
WritePad artwork


Stan Miasnikov

Genre: Productivity

Price: $3.99

Release Date: October 13, 2008

WritePad is a text editor for iPhone that utilizes advanced handwriting recognition input for the English language as well as iPhone keyboard for text entry, and includes spell checker, context analyzer, and standard editing operations such as copy, cut, paste, etc. WritePad’s primary handwriting recognition-based input method integrated with the text editor and developed specifically for iPhone and iPod Touch. It recognizes cursive, PRINT, and mixed handwriting styles.

To enter the text you can simply write with your finger or a stylus (such as AluPen by just|mobile) on the iPhone screen in either landscape or portrait mode employing your own handwriting style. It also allows easily switching between the handwriting recognition and the standard iPhone keyboard.

In the beginning the recognition quality may depend on your style and how comfortable you feel writing on the iPhone screen with your finger; however the more you use it, the better it will become as the software will adapt to your patterns. In addition, you can use simple finger gestures to select text, cut, copy, paste, insert special characters such as space and return, invoke the spell checker for the selected word, correct recognized text, and more. You can further improve recognition quality by modifying the user dictionary and the Autocorrector word list.

The Shorthand feature offers a quick and simple way to insert often-repeated text and performs standard editing commands by writing the Shorthand name and drawing a circle around it. You can add new or modify Shorthands using the Shorthand Editor.
With WritePad you can create text documents and store them on your iPhone. The built-in HTTP server allows you to exchange files between iPhone devices connected to the same WiFi network, or to upload files onto the desktop PC using the Internet browser. You can also send emails directly from WritePad and use copy/paste to transfer text between WritePad and other applications. In addition, you can use the built-in interface to the Bing Translator to convert your documents to other languages.

Benefits and Features

* Create, view, and modify text documents.
* Use advanced handwriting recognition engine or iPhone keyboard for text entry in landscape or portrait mode.
* Organize WritePad documents in the hierachical folder structure and search documents for characters or words.
* Select, cut, copy, and paste text between different files
* Send text files via email or transfer files from (to) another iPhone.
* Improve your productivity by using built-in spell checker, context analyzer, and shorthand features.
* Use built-in HTTP file server to exchange text files between device and desktop computer.
* Translate your documents to other languages using built-in support for Bing Translator.

© PhatWare Corp.

Apr 5

iBlueprint – Local Slacks

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
iBlueprint artwork


Local Slacks

Genre: Productivity

Price: $0.99

Release Date: June 16, 2010

iBlueprint is all new in version 3.0 and we think it is our best version yet!

Completely new UI!
-All new furniture!
-Much larger drawing area!
-Add a legend with important details!
-Best line drawing yet!
-6 pre-drawn exterior floorplans to choose from and customize!
-All new "pop-up" menus.

**RATED one of "The Best Construction Management Apps for the iPhone and iPad" by Software Advice []**

"It’s handy for homebuyers and real estate agents, but can also be used by contractors for quick access to blueprints on the job site."

**Top 30 iPad and iPhone apps for construction on**

iBlueprint is a mobile tool designed for home owners, real estate agents, architects, electricians, painters, carpenters and more.

iBlueprint allows users to create and export a custom floor plan of any structure.

We created iBlueprint to solve a common problem many homebuyers and sellers face in today's online world. When looking at numerous online listings, homebuyers often find themselves struggling to grasp the layout and therefore the flow of the house. It is often the case that photos of the interior simply do not provide adequate detail.

The inability to view a floor plan online causes many homebuyers to miss the true sense of space of a home.

Once an iBlueprint generated floor plan is attached to your online listings, homebuyers can more easily visualize themselves in your home. That picture of your kitchen, which before was just a picture, now becomes a picture taken from the living room, next to the bay window.

iBlueprint also affords general contractors the on-site opportunity to create, save and export detailed blueprints in a straightforward and efficient manner.

© 2010 Local Slacks

Apr 5

Horror Prank – WARNING! SUPER SCARY & VIDEO RECORDING! – Miklos Innovations

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity


Miklos Innovations

Genre: Productivity

Price: $0.99

Release Date: November 13, 2010

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-Wheel Of Friends
-Aztec Magic Ball



Trick your friends into thinking that they are shooting a video, or playing a game. Than a hidden timer will count down and a frightening image of a monster will appear and scare your friends half to death!!!


-Ask your friend to find 3 differences between 2 pictures!
After marking the 2.differences a monster will appear on the screen with a scary sound! Your friend's reaction will be priceless!!!

-Ask your friend to take a video for you.Couple seconds later a scary character will appear on the screen with a custom scary sound and you will be laughing hard with your friend!

3.Customizable options, characters, and effects!
-Built in timer to choose the scare delay! Set it up yourself!
-Choose from 5 scary characters with 5 custom scary sounds, OR CREATE YOUR OWN!!
-Customize your scary effects for the best results! (zoom effect, broken screen effect)


Video recording and custom prank are extra $0.99 in-app purchase!

1.VIDEO RECORDING only available if you are using the app on a device which has a front camera! (iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4th Gen)

2.CAMERA PRANK option is only available if you are using the app on a device which has a rear camera! (iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S,iPod Touch 4th Gen!)

3.The developers of this app are NOT responsible for any apple device damages or accidents occurring while using SUPER SCARY PRANK!
Please use it with caution!!!!!!


© Miklos Innovations

Apr 5

iDownload – Ultimate Download Manager – Top Publishing

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
iDownload - Ultimate Download Manager artwork

iDownload – Ultimate Download Manager

Top Publishing

Genre: Productivity

Price: $1.99

Release Date: November 17, 2011

70% OFF FOR THE RELEASE WEEK. Download & enjoy it now, before the price go up!!!
The wait is over! Finally, you can truly download, organize and play ANY file right from your iPhone and iPod Touch.

Want to download some files? To organize your file, and have your documents with you everywhere? To get free music and video, then instantly play them? Finally, we've got a solution for all of your needs.

Introducing iDownload – your ultimate and only download manager that you might need. With intuitive design, enhanced functionalities and flexible setting, it really provide a desktop experience for your iOS devices.

* Key features:

Excellent Built-in Web Browser:
- Provide the very similar UI and function of Mobile Safari, the browser we all love.
- Bookmark manager & browsing history.
- Full-screen mode in one tap.
- Powerful built-in search engine.
- Ability to spoof browser's User-Agent string.

Download Manager:
- Quick, easy, speedy and unlimited download.
- Reliably resuming of interrupted downloads.
- Live download progress bar and speed indicator.
- Active downloads badge number.
- Background downloading.

Full-functioning File Manager:
- Easily organize your files the way you like.
- Copy, move, delete, search, create folder, sub-folder …
- Extract ZIP and RAR archive.
- Easily transferring file via iTunes USB File Sharing (iOS 4.2 and above).
- Send file as email attachment.
- Passcode lock to protect your privacy.

Photo & Documents Viewer

- All office file format supported. Your whole documents are now in your pocket.
- Tap or swipe to move between images in a folder.
- Zoom in and out with pinch gesture.
- Save downloaded pictures to your photo library.

Integrated Media Player:

- Support virtually all kind of iOS-friendly media files.
- Music playback of mp3, wav, aac and m4a formats. Repeat and shuffle songs, folder play.
- Full-function video player (of m4v, mp4, and mov formats).
- Auto-detect suitable installed apps to play unsupported files (flv, avi, mkv, mpg…).

… and much more. Feel free to explore and enjoy the incredible possibility we built within our app.

© ® Top Publishing