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Apr 5

Photo Measures – Big Blue Pixel

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
Photo Measures artwork

Photo Measures

Big Blue Pixel

Genre: Productivity

Price: $4.99

Release Date: January 19, 2011

Photo Measures is the most elegant and the easiest way to save measures on your own photos on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!

Architectural Digest – "Very useful when shopping or meeting with contractors" – "It's perfect for your own work around the house, and handy for creating plans to bring to a contractor"
AppSafari Rating: 5★ – "So incredibly convenient"

Featured on the front page of the AppStore under New & Noteworthy and Staff Favorites in more than 70 countries, including the US, France, Germany and Canada.

Recommended by many reference magazines, websites and blogs all around the world: Architectural Digest,, This Old House,,,,, etc…


Constructing a house? Engineering a new project? Moving to a new place?
Take some photos and note down the dimensions on the photos to remember the exact layout, and to make sure that everything will fit easily.

Need to keep in mind the exact dimensions of an object? Just take a photo and quickly write them on it.

Are you decorating? Want to buy a new frame or a new furniture but not sure it will fit?
No problem since you can have all your house dimensions always with you!


You are a real estate agent?
A contractor?
An engineer?
A designer?
Working in the construction industry?
Someone who wants to keep his house's measure easily accessible?

Whenever you need to save dimensions, sizes, angles or write down a detail you need to remember, Photo Measures will help you to be more efficient and more accurate.


Photo Measures helps you to:
✓ Take a photo and directly draw measures on it
✓ Zoom into and out of your photo when you need more precision
✓ Edit your measures with a very intuitive interface
✓ Quickly add text as comments when measures are not enough
✓ Native support for angles
✓ Save your measures in imperial or metric units
✓ Easily organize your photos by category
✓ Export your dimensions in high resolution by email or to the photo library
✓ Export as PDF or JPG
✓ Import photos of any size and aspect ratio
✓ Support Retina display for iPhone 4 owners

Keep posted, a lot of new features are planned for the next versions!

© Big Blue Pixel

Apr 5

WD 2go Pro – Western Digital Technologies, Inc.

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
WD 2go Pro artwork

WD 2go Pro

Western Digital Technologies, Inc.

Genre: Productivity

Price: $2.99

Release Date: September 11, 2011

All the features of WD 2go, plus an exclusive feature to download your files for offline viewing.
Access your files and photos stored on your Western Digital My Book Live or My Book Live Duo personal cloud storage. Open, view and share presentations and documents, stream media and show off photos.

Do more with WD 2go Pro.
In addition to all the features found in the free version of WD 2go, with WD 2go Pro you can also:
• Download folders and files for offline access,

• Automatically sync folders and files from My Book Live or My Book Live Duo to your mobile device,

• Lock access with a 4 digit pass code, and

• Email files, share files as a link, print and open files with third party apps.

It’s all about access.
Your real life is dynamic and now your digital life is too. With the WD 2go Pro mobile app, you have access to just about any file stored on your My Book Live or My Book Live Duo personal cloud storage with your mobile device. Using WD 2go Pro with either a My Book Live or My Book Live Duo is like having terabytes of extra storage. Use your iPhone(R) or iPad(TM) to view stored files, stream music, and enjoy video clips in the palm of your hand.

Make your iPad work for you.
The WD 2go Pro mobile app supports most major file types including Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, Apple Keynote, and more. So you can pull up that presentation and show it off on your iPad.

WD 2go Pro: Effortless access, even when you're offline.
WD 2go Pro enables you to download files, photos, songs, or videos, so a copy is made from your My Book Live or My Book Live Duo to your iOS mobile device. Now you can access almost any type of file even when you don't have a wireless connection.

• Western Digital My Book Live or My Book Live Duo personal cloud storage connected to the Internet.

• Your device access code generated by your My Book Live or My Book Live Duo.

• iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad with OS 4.x or later.

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Follow us on Twitter: @WesternDigital

© 2011

Apr 5

My Measures and Dimensions PRO – SIS software

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
My Measures and Dimensions PRO artwork

My Measures and Dimensions PRO

SIS software

Genre: Productivity

Price: $5.99

Release Date: July 24, 2011

MacWorld Editors Choice 5★ rating
US AppStore Staff Favorite

My Measures and Dimension PRO is a powerful application for storing and sharing object dimensions for iPhone and iPad!

Apple staff favorite in many countries!
Top in Productivity category!

Absolutely outstanding ★★★★★(by Robert E.)
I use your app for my estimating and fabrication jobs. This is a great program, I cannot begin to tell you how useful this is for my line of work. A lot of people take pictures to reference to. But this program let's you add the dimensions in the pictures. It would be great if you were able to add notes as well. This program changes my iPod touch from a toy to a very useful tool

Love this app ★★★★★ (by chimbleysweep)
My wife and I recently bought a house, and I can't tell you just how useful this app is.

Perfect :) ★★★★★ (by lengbrecht)
I'm a contractor, and can't tell you how many times I needed this app… Thanks so much, well worth the price.

A must have tool for all real estate agents, engineers, carpenters, architects, auction sellers, construction workers…

All you have to do is take a photo of an object you wish to store dimensions of. Then you add dimensions: arrows, angels and text. Now your measures are stored and you can see and share them anytime anywhere.

✓ store dimensions on a photo
✓ add arrows, angles and text
✓ organize photos/files in folders
✓ easy multiple folder and file sharing
✓ fractions are supported in "inch" unit
✓ export photo with dimension to photo library
✓ send photo with dimensions via email
✓ supported portrait and landscape orientation
✓ backup, restore or migrate entire library
✓ metric and imperial units: meters, centimeters, millimeters, inches, feet and yards and fractions!

**Tip: To use fractions in your dimension you have to choose inch unit. Example one: 2 1/4" Press number two then press decimal separator (dot), press number one and press fraction separator / (slash – same button where dot was) and then press number four. If you don't need leading inches just begin with zero instead of number two.

© 2011, SIS software

Apr 5

DataVault Password Manager – Ascendo Inc.

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
DataVault Password Manager artwork

DataVault Password Manager

Ascendo Inc.

Genre: Productivity

Price: $9.99

Release Date: July 25, 2009

The Leading Password Manager for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch ☆ AES Encryption ☆ iCloud Backup ☆ Mac & Windows Desktop (sold separately) ☆ iCloud Sync ☆ Advanced Security Options ☆ Universal Application

Ascendo DataVault stores confidential information related to credit cards, bank accounts, logins and more using Advanced Encryption Standard, the most powerful technology to secure private data.

DataVault is the first password manager to support iCloud backup and iCloud synchronization. Securing private information is important and providing the best options to back it up and use it across several devices is essential. In addition, DataVault includes a host of cutting edge features such as multiple views of items, category and types, templates, actionable fields, password generator, desktop versions (sold separately), alternative sync methods including Wi-Fi & Dropbox and numerous security settings.

One copy of DataVault can be run on five iOS devices combining great value with advanced security.

Unrivaled features and ease-of-use have made DataVault a best-selling password manager for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.

✭✭✭✭✭ Simply the BEST!
I have tried many different password keeper apps and Datavault is by far the best. The app is very easy to use, yet is extremely intuitive, and I would not trust any other app with all my personal information.

✭✭✭✭✭ Quality Product – Outstanding Customer Service
“An excellent product with superior customer service is hard to beat. I’m a Data Vault fan for life.”

✭✭✭✭✭ Must Have App!!!
“If you have an iPhone this is a must have app… The only way to keep up with all your passwords. The desktop version is excellent and syncing is easy.”

➤ Protects your private information to give you peace of mind.
➤ Delivers value by insuring secure access to confidential data everywhere you go.
➤ Adapts to your needs by providing more tools and settings than any other password wallet.

✓ AES Encryption provides industrial strength security.
✓ iCloud Backup to automatically save DataVault information by date.
✓ iCloud Sync to automatically update other iOS devices running DataVault.
✓ Tree & List View to display items.
✓ Split view for iPad.
✓ Support for iOS multitasking to facilitate web site login.
✓ Synchronization with Data for Mac or Windows (sold separately) via Dropbox, Wi-Fi, Webdav. No other password wallet offers as many options.
✓ Conflict resolution for items that have been changed on multiple devices.
✓ Templates for common items such as bank accounts, credit cards & logins. Select from default templates or create your own.
✓ Duplicate items for faster entry.
✓ Categories & types to organize items.
✓ Password generator with user settings for length & character types.
✓ Password strength meter.
✓ Actionable fields to initiate phone calls, emails or web site logins.
✓ Security timeout to require login after inactivity delay.
✓ Auto-Lock setting to configure login requests.
✓ Maximum login attempts.
✓ Security alert for failed login attempts.
✓ Field masking to shield data from prying eyes.
✓ Master password hint.
✓ Email items in encrypted format.
✓ Search settings to select fields, case sensitivity.
✓ 110 item icons.
✓ 6 themes to choose backgrounds & colors.
✓ Import data from EWallet, SplashID, mSecure, 1Password, IE, Firefox, Roboform & others with DataVault desktops.

Incorporated in San Diego California, Ascendo has been a leading software developer since 2002. Over a million users have trusted their confidential information to DataVault Password Manager.

If you have any questions please email

If security is important to you, download DataVault today!

© 2012 Ascendo Inc.

Apr 5

Wildland Toolkit – Peakview Software LLC

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
Wildland Toolkit artwork

Wildland Toolkit

Peakview Software LLC

Genre: Productivity

Price: $5.99

Release Date: June 07, 2009

Wildland Toolkit is a calculator and reference guide for wildland firefighters. With it, you can predict fire behavior much like a weather prediction. Just enter the fuel, weather, and topography information and Wildland Toolkit will generate:

–RH and Dewpoint
–Fine Dead Fuel Moisture
–Probability of Ignition
–Rate of Spread
–Scorch height
–Direction of Max Spread
–Effective Windspeed

All 54 of the new fuel models are supported, with a guide to select the proper fuel model, complete with sample photos.

NOTE: There are no known calculation errors in this version. We will immediately fix any problems reported to us directly.

Wildland Toolkit is not a tutorial on wildland fire behavior, so if the terms above do not make any sense, then this application will not teach you. It is assumed that you know the same background information that is presented in an S290 or S390 class. The calculations done in the Wildland Toolkit are similar to what is done with the BEHAVE software, but you will find the user interface much easier to use.

In addition, numerous safety checklists and reference guides are included, such as watchouts, fire orders, safety zones, structure defense, etc. Photos and diagrams are provided for cloud types, hand signals, common wildland tools, and ICS org charts. An interactive practice quiz is included for NIMS IS-700 and S290.

Now a universal app, so one purchase gets you iphone, ipod touch, and iPad support.

© John Covele