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Apr 5

iBlueprint – Local Slacks

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
iBlueprint artwork


Local Slacks

Genre: Productivity

Price: $0.99

Release Date: June 16, 2010

iBlueprint is all new in version 3.0 and we think it is our best version yet!

Completely new UI!
-All new furniture!
-Much larger drawing area!
-Add a legend with important details!
-Best line drawing yet!
-6 pre-drawn exterior floorplans to choose from and customize!
-All new "pop-up" menus.

**RATED one of "The Best Construction Management Apps for the iPhone and iPad" by Software Advice []**

"It’s handy for homebuyers and real estate agents, but can also be used by contractors for quick access to blueprints on the job site."

**Top 30 iPad and iPhone apps for construction on**

iBlueprint is a mobile tool designed for home owners, real estate agents, architects, electricians, painters, carpenters and more.

iBlueprint allows users to create and export a custom floor plan of any structure.

We created iBlueprint to solve a common problem many homebuyers and sellers face in today's online world. When looking at numerous online listings, homebuyers often find themselves struggling to grasp the layout and therefore the flow of the house. It is often the case that photos of the interior simply do not provide adequate detail.

The inability to view a floor plan online causes many homebuyers to miss the true sense of space of a home.

Once an iBlueprint generated floor plan is attached to your online listings, homebuyers can more easily visualize themselves in your home. That picture of your kitchen, which before was just a picture, now becomes a picture taken from the living room, next to the bay window.

iBlueprint also affords general contractors the on-site opportunity to create, save and export detailed blueprints in a straightforward and efficient manner.

© 2010 Local Slacks

Apr 5

iA Writer – Information Architects, Inc.

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
iA Writer artwork

iA Writer

Information Architects, Inc.

Genre: Productivity

Price: $0.99

Release Date: September 21, 2010

iPHONE INTRODUCTION: 50% OFF! — The quintessential writing machine for your iPad and iPhone. iA Writer makes sure that your thoughts go into the text—and not into the program. With keyboard extension, focus mode, iCloud and Dropbox integration.

“Beautiful and simple.” —The Guardian
“Everything goes away except for the writing experience." —Stephen Fry
“Writer has out-innovated Apple.” —Fast Company

- Keyboard extension with ← → and punctuation keys
- FocusMode™ lets you concentrate on active text (iPad only)
- Typeface optimized for iPhone and iPad

- Polished to be easy and clear
- No settings
- No complicated interactions

- Seamless sync between Mac, iPhone and iPad
- iCloud
- Dropbox

The latest videos, FAQ, support and tips:

- iPhone/iPad universal
- Full screen view when typing
- Native AirPrint support
- Retina optimized font face
- Dropbox stability improvements
- Fixes & Enhancements

© (c) 2011 Information Architects, Inc.

Apr 5

SMS & MMS Text Emoji: also for Facebook and Twitter Messenger – BlueScreen

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
SMS & MMS Text Emoji:  also for Facebook and Twitter Messenger artwork

SMS & MMS Text Emoji: also for Facebook and Twitter Messenger


Genre: Productivity

Price: $0.99

Release Date: October 02, 2011

More than 460 emoticons!!!
For iPhone, iPod touch and iPad!!!

1. Click the button "Enable Emoji".
2. Reboot your device.
3. Go to "Settings", select…
> General
> International
> Keyboards
> Add New Keyboard
Then select "Emoji".

Now you can type all these cool Emoji icons (emoticons) at anywhere such like mail, sms, notes and etc.

Remember to tell your friends about this application!!!

© Blue Screen Team

Apr 5

iThoughts (mindmapping) – CMS

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
iThoughts (mindmapping) artwork

iThoughts (mindmapping)


Genre: Productivity

Price: $7.99

Release Date: October 20, 2008

** O'Reilly Best iPhone Apps Top Pick **

iThoughts is a mind mapping tool for the iPhone/iPod Touch. If you have an iPad then please check out iThoughtsHD.

Mindmapping enables you to visually organise your thoughts, ideas and information.

Typical Uses:

      • Task lists.
      • Brainstorming.
      • Project planning.
      • Goal setting.
      • Concept mapping.
      • Course Notes/Revision.
      • Meeting Notes.


• Import and export to and from many of the most popular desktop applications
      • MyThoughts 1.3.3 (Mac)
      • Freemind/Freeplane
      • Novamind 4 / 5
      • MindManager 6 and later
      • XMind 3
      • iMindmap 4 / 5
      • Mindview 3 / 4 (Windows only)
      • ConceptDraw MINDMAP 6 / 7
      • MindGenius 3.71 and later
      • OPML (OmniOutliner, Scrivener etc.)
• Export PDF and PNG (+HTML) versions of your ideas.
• Export Outlook CSV task lists.
      • Export Markdown format.

• Plays nicely with other services:
• Cloud synchronisation with Dropbox/
• Create and Open email attachments in all supported formats.
• Save maps to the Camera Roll (and then paste the image into other apps.)
• Send maps to other Apps (e.g. iBooks, GoodReader etc.)
• Present your ideas on the big screen using an external projector (VGA output.)
• Cut/Copy/Paste within and between maps and other applications (such as Mail and Notes)
• Hyperlinking Topics (link to websites, other maps or documents in GoodReader etc.)
• Download community generated maps from and

• Task Management:
      • Attach task management information to topics (start/due date, effort, progress and resources)
      • Assign priorities to topics.
      • Optional 'At a Glance' task attributes badge.
      • Create email task reports (by project, by resource)
      • Export task information to Outlook and ToodleDo (also import from Outlook)
      • Hide completed tasks

• Advanced Mindmap Features:
      • Multiple topic options (shapes, callouts, floating, boundaries.)
      • Over 90 builtin icons and 46 clipart images .
      • Attach notes with hyperlinks to topics.
      • Assign different colours and shapes to topics.
      • Configure text attributes (bold, italic, size.)
      • Create relationships between topics.
      • Image Topics (insert photos or clipart into a topic)
      • Apply comments to maps using callouts (and hide them as necessary.)
      • Hide topics which are not 'in focus' (great for presentations.)
      • Paste styles (colour, shape etc.) to groups of topics.
      • Auto-align topics within a map with the 'Keep Organised' feature.
      • Expand/Collapse branches to keep things manageable.
      • Rainbow colour scheme (auto colours based on position of topic relative to the centre.)
      • Configurable canvas backgrounds.
      • Drag and drop topics and branches – then reattach, merge or 'float' them.
      • Organize your maps into Folders
      • Create new maps 'based on' (existing maps, clipboard, selected branch)
      • Mark maps as read-only
      • Create large maps with many hundreds of topics (canvas is over 1000 'screens' in size.)
      • Automatic 10 minute snapshots provide version history.
      • Automatic daily archive with email/cloud upload option for easy backup and peace of mind.
      • Keyboard shortucts and TextExpander integration for fast brainstorming.

Please visit the website for more information, screenshots and videos.

© CMS 2010

Apr 5

Printing for iPhone – Ndili Technologies, Inc.

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
Printing for iPhone artwork

Printing for iPhone

Ndili Technologies, Inc.

Genre: Productivity

Price: $4.99

Release Date: October 22, 2010

Printing for iPhone / Printing for iPad enables easy printing of photos, web pages, and various document types.

"AWESOME APP. This app is great for using printers that can't be found with air print. It allows you to search for printers to add using wifi, or even manually enter a printer. 10 stars." – D, Dec 9, 2011

"FANTASTIC. This app did have an initial learning phase but everything is explained quite nicely in the help section. And once I understood the ropes, I can print almost everything I want ( haven't found anything yet which I haven't been able to print actually ). Highly recommended." – Ipad atheist turned devotee, Nov 23, 2011

"I can't stop using this app. Regards." – G, Sep 25, 2011

"WOW SWEET FOR NETWORK FILE PRINTING. Networked HP Photosmart 7960 on Jetdirect. I am able to print my MS documents, PDFs, etc from my file shares via Netportal ! Downloader works well for web page printing. Email attachment printing is sweet!" – T, Jul 22, 2011

• View/print many document types, including PDF, Word, Excel, bitmap, TIFF, text, HTML, Open Office, GIF, and encapsulated PostScript.
• Create new text documents.
• Use a web browser to transfer files between your computer and this app.
• Print to networked or shared printers. No additional software is necessary. This app includes support for over 1,400 printers from HP, Epson, Canon, Samsung, Brother, Lexmark, Xerox, Ricoh, Oki, Kyocera, Infotec, NRG, Lanier, and many more!
• Print remote files on MobileMe,, or Dropbox, or download them into this app.
• Print web-based files or download them into this app.
• Capture and process images from your onboard camera or photo album.

See the list of printer models this app supports at

Yes. Printing Verification is our free demo printing app. You can use it to verify that any of our paid printing apps will work with your printer.

Import the files from your other iPhone/iPad apps into this app, and then use this app to print them.
(The operating system of the iPad/iPhone/iPod, iOS, is designed such that each app you install is given its own storage space. There is no centralized (shared) storage space on your device. This means that this app's proprietary printing engine only works within this app. To say it another way: the iOS does not support/allow third party system-wide drivers. The iOS cannot use this app to print files within another app's storage space—for example, files stored in Pages, Numbers, Safari, Notes, Mail, etc. Therefore, files created in other apps must be imported into this app.)

• Use a web browser to transfer files between your computer and this app.
• Use iTunes to upload files into this app.
• Use a WebDAV server to transfer files.
• Email a file to yourself. Then, open the Mail app, press and hold down the attachment until the "Open In…" menu appears. Select this app from the list of apps displayed.

Yes. In addition to the built-in user guide, you can also ask questions via our real-time chat Customer Support module.

© Ndili Technologies, Inc.