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Apr 5

Electronics Engineering ToolKit Pro – Thomas Gruber

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
Electronics Engineering ToolKit Pro artwork

Electronics Engineering ToolKit Pro

Thomas Gruber

Genre: Productivity

Price: $3.99

Release Date: April 27, 2010

Albert Einstein has been quoted saying, “never memorize what you can look up in books”. In that spirit, electronic engineers, students and hobbyists should take a long look at this App.

Check out the video here:

And latest reviews:
4.5 out of 5 stars!!!
4 out of 5 stars!!!

The Electronics Engineering ToolKit Pro features a massive collection of very useful calculators, simulators, component references, circuit and application examples, covering lots of different areas in the field of electronics engineering. It is the standard electronics equipment running on all iOS devices from version 3.0 to the latest release.

Introducing the new version 4.0.6 with a whole new components references page, new calculators, customizable backgrounds and several optimizations on several of the dozens calculators!!!

This App Features:
Ω 45 Electronic Applications! 6 Pages!
Ω Simple Unit Conversion!
Ω Fast on-the-fly conversions and calculations!
Ω Real-Time circuit simulations
Ω Export your calculations as E-Mail or to your Photo Album!
Ω Support for preferred E numbers, sliders and min/max calculations!
Ω Extra full page with applications, simulations and calculations all around the popular 555 Timer IC
Ω Auto-save of all entries over several sessions
Ω Extra component reference page
Ω Due to its great success now updated with major extensions!

Some User Comments:
*** awesome app! ***
*** really nice idea ***
*** pretty good ***
*** good job, well done! ***
*** very useful, very handy!!! ***
*** keep up the good work! ***
*** this is the coolest ohms law calculator I have ever seen. brilliant! ***

and Reviews:

List Of Calculators:
• Trace Width Calculator
• Wire Ampacity Calculator
• Unit Converter
• Resistor Calculator
• Voltage Divider Calculator
• Capacitance, Inductance and Capacitor Load Calculator
• Propagation Delay
• Cut Off Frequency Calculator
• LED Circuit Generator
• Trace Impedance Calculator
• Adjustable Voltage Regulator Calculator
• Passive Cooling Calculator
• Dielectric Value Calculator
• Transistor Calculator
• Wavelength Calculator
• OpAmp Calculator
• Parallel Resistor Calculator
• AWG Calculator
• Zener Diode Calculator
• Resistor Color Value Calculator
• Microstrip Inductor Calculator
• RMS Calculator
• Nanometer to Color Calculator
• Speed of Sound Calculator
• Capacitor Color Code Calculator
• Ohms Law Calculator
• Inductor Color Code Calculator
• Delta-Star and Star-Delta Calculator
• Resistor Network Calculator
• Battery Charge Time Calculator
• T & Pi Attenuator Calculator
• Reactance Calculator
• MOSFET Calculator
• Decibel Converter
• PPM Calculator
• Extra page for common connectors and pinouts
• New page with an impressive new component reference library
• Special Section about 555 Timer IC circuits (10 additional calculators, 2 reference pages)

Wherever it makes sense, changing units by just tapping on the blue arrow is implemented. The calculation will be re-done accordingly.

Please visit my WebPage for more details on each calculator.

© Thomas Gruber

Apr 5

PDF, DOC, XLS Reader by Paramon LLC – Paramon Apps LLC

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
PDF, DOC, XLS Reader by Paramon LLC artwork

PDF, DOC, XLS Reader by Paramon LLC

Paramon Apps LLC

Genre: Productivity

Price: $0.99

Release Date: January 09, 2012

»»» The PDF, DOC, XLS Reader application by the Paramon LLC proposes you to modernize your Apple-device, adding there the very thing it needs!
‼ »» The possibility to read and download office files formats that have been unavailable earlier!

►PDF, DOC, PPT, TXT and other pretty things are not longer a pipe dream and steadily turn from a computer privilege into a normal option that is usual for the device.

□□□ Free access to the office files in any place at and at any time convenient for you is a very necessary and, without doubts, relevant issue in the context of your tight schedule. The possibility to read PDF-books, texts, analyze tables, view maps and drawings or show them to somebody without recourse to a computer will significantly ease your life and allow you using your time in a more rational way. For instance, when staying in a traffic jam, you may get rid of your irritation by reading an informative article or viewing an interesting video-clip.□□□

The user-friendly and smooth synchronization system allows easily transferring necessary files from the computer into the application folders.

• Work with PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, TXT, Image, Video files.

• Integrated Internet-browser for search and download of files.

• Files transfer from the computer via Wi-Fi.

• Easy document navigation.

• Increase of the font size in the text.

• Automatic highlighting of links, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses.

• Comfortable reading of large-sized files.

• Hibernation option.

The interface full of functional properties does not present a problem in operation and can guarantee you a comfortable reading in the mobile device conditions.
The universal reader that is able to replace several programs with a more limited specialization at one time is in your pocket!

►Read much! Read comfortably! Read with pleasure but without limitations!

© Paramon apps LLC

Apr 5

Pad & Quill – Fabulously Retro

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
Pad & Quill artwork

Pad & Quill

Fabulously Retro

Genre: Productivity

Price: $0.99

Release Date: December 14, 2011

* see below for a sync bug fix *

Missing the feel of old-school notebooks?

"Beautifully retro" (WIRED)
"I cannot get enough of the interface: It’s easy to use and absolutely stunning." (APPADVICE)
"This app is so beautiful when it's open I kiss my screen." (USER)

Pad & Quill organises your notes in classic notebooks kept on a wooden shelf. It's intuitive, simple and beautiful. Inspired by the Italian bonded leather cases made by Pad & Quill, the app turns your device into books you will truly love.


- organise notes into different books
- sync notes on all your iDevices
- realistic page turn effects
- universal app
- beautifully designed


- 10 fabulously designed book covers to choose from
- 10 beautiful fonts (font size adjustable)
- different ink colours
- different paper styles (plain, ruled, wrinkled, bookish, squared…)
- customisable note titles
- bookmark individual notes


- automatic page of contents
- e-mail notes
- typing is supported in both landscape and portrait mode
- infinite digital paper & unlimited number of books

The app is universal and will run on iOS 5 and higher. The syncing feature requires you to have an iCloud account.

We value every line of feedback and usually respond within 24h to every request / question / bug report. If you have problems with PQ, please consider e-mailing the support service. We cannot respond to reviews on the AppStore and will be unable to help which is frustrating for both you and us. Rest assured that the PQ app is tried and tested (the developer uses it for all his notes) and every bug you report will make the next update better.


If you have problems getting your notes on iPad and iPhone in sync, try the following workaround. Will be fixed asap:

Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup > Manage Storage > Pad & Quill and delete the file called "library". This will only delete the title of your notebooks. Double press home button, touch the Pad & Quill App icon until it wiggles, then touch red minus. Now start the app again.

© 2011 by Fabulously Retro

Apr 5

Calvetica Calendar – Mysterious Trousers, LLC

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
Calvetica Calendar artwork

Calvetica Calendar

Mysterious Trousers, LLC

Genre: Productivity

Price: $2.99

Release Date: August 13, 2010

Calvetica 4 is the fastest calendar for iPhone and iPad.

+ Universal. Made for any iOS device
+ Continuous scrolling month view on iPad
+ A rich month view that lets you see how events span days and overlap
+ A continuous scrolling week view on both iPhone and iPad
+ Works out of the box with all your existing events
+ Relies on the default calendar app for syncing with Google, Exchange etc
+ Quickly add an event by long pressing on a day, typing the time with our fast number pad
+ Custom Calvetica alerts can fire after the default apps alerts and give you a "Snooze" option
+ Custom Calvetica alerts allow you to set a sound thats louder and longer than default apps alert
+ Manage tasks right along side your events. Tasks sync seamlessly between iOS devices
+ E-mail an iCal file to share with others or SMS an event description to someone
+ Highly customizable complex repeats (e.g. The first thursday of every month)
+ Manage attendees
+ View a location on a map or use the map to set a location for an event
+ Tappable email addresses, phone numbers, etc in notes
+ Lots of awesome gestures for power users to get things done quicker

+ Customize calendar colors
+ Show/hide calendars
+ Search for events within a time range. Search by title, notes, location. Results will highlight the matching text and indicate where it was found.
+ Multiple default alarms
+ Alarms specifically for all day events (i.e. remind me 6pm the day before)
+ Tasks are organized into custom color coded groups
+ Icons by event titles to quickly see if it has notes, a location, attendees or if it repeats.
+ Time zone support
+ Start your week on any day
+ 24-hour format
+ Customize how event and task details appear on the edit screen. Reorder, show or hide details so you can simplify and see only what you want to see.
+ We’re friendly, responsive and personal developers who seek constant improvement in everything we build.
+ And more…

© copyright 2010 Mysterious Trousers, LLC

Apr 5

Slide Type™ – New Modern Line

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
Slide Type™ artwork

Slide Type™

New Modern Line

Genre: Productivity

Price: $0.99

Release Date: February 14, 2012

Still using a prehistoric way of typing?

Now you have in your hands the latest technology – a modern capacitive touchscreen with multitouch support.
But even with it is impossible to type faster than good old-fashioned physical keyboard.
It was impossible … until now.

Introducing the Slide Type – a revolutionary NEW method of typing!
This is a special keyboard for the iPhone, which makes typing fast and convenient. You no longer have to print each character individually – you just drive a finger on the desired letter, a line connecting them.
! Enough to limit themselves to communicate in social networks!
! End up with a compact design and web SMS messages!
Tired of typing with one finger so you do not want to mess with long messages?
Do you like to correspond, but you want to save time?
There is a solution – the application Slide Type

- Just 5-10 minutes to fully get used to this kind of writing;
- Saved the usual way to write by pressing;
- Possible to effectively combine both methods, which further raise the rate of input.

- Speed ??dial for more than 40 words per minute;
- Sending a message on Twitter and Facebook;
- SMS messages;
- E-mail message;
- Horizontal and vertical text input interface;
- A traditional keyboard;
- Automatically add spaces between words;
- Predictive text input option (input word prediction on the first letters;
- Predictive text input (the program offers options for the end of words and phrases);
- Set the frequency of pop-up prompts and auto-complete;
- Automatic correction of common mistakes;
- A wide choice of color of the text;
- Easy to make a capital letter

By the way, with Swipe / Slide Type was recently broken the world record for speed of text entry on mobile phones. Maybe the next record for you?

Add more speed and comfort – Slide Type download now!

© New Modern Line