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Apr 5

Downloader – SEB

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
Downloader artwork



Genre: Productivity

Price: $0.99

Release Date: September 20, 2010

Download files from the internet, organize them in folders, view them and share them with your friends by email, usb or wifi!
Downloader is THE app to download on the go any kind of file right to your iPhone/iPod touch. Back up all your downloaded files on your personal computer or friends computers using the wifi file transfer or USB with the iTunes file sharing!
With Downloader you can also view all your files, organize them into folders, edit your files and folders, and share them with your friends by email, USB and wifi !

Special features:
- File download: use the built-in internet browser to download files from the internet. You can download any kind of file: music, video, photo, document, pdf…
Just touch a link or copy and paste the url of the file you want, and start downloading. Downloader supports multiple files downloading at the same time.
You can also download files from any other app that supports wifi files sharing (HardDrive, FileApp, Air Sharing…)
- File Download progress: track the progress of your downloads while browsing the internet. You can also stop a download at any time by touching the stop button.
- Files organization: with Downloader, you can create as many folders as you need, and create your own folder hierarchy.
- Files and folder edition: Delete, move, copy and rename all your files and folders
- View and play your downloaded files: Downloader supports all the standard picture formats (png, jpg, bmp, gif…), document formats (pdf, doc, xls, pages, numbers…), and media formats supported by the iPhone (mp3, aac, mp4, m4v, caf…)
- File transfer: Downloader offers you two ways to back up your downloaded files to your computer; You can launch the built-in wifi server and access all your files by using an internet browser, or you can also use the iTunes file sharing feature to copy your downloaded files to your computer.
And more !

Downloader has been featured by Apple as "New & Noteworthy" for its release in the US and French AppStores.
Jeff Cormier from <a href="">TNW Apps</a>:
"Certainly other apps exist in the app store which offer similar capabilities, but none are as feature-rich, easy to use and offer transfer options as numerous as that of Downloader. My experiences with Downloader have been nothing but grand."

Check out other great iPhone apps at <a href=""></a>


Apr 5

Pop for iOS – Colin McFarland

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
Pop for iOS artwork

Pop for iOS

Colin McFarland

Genre: Productivity

Price: $0.99

Release Date: April 02, 2012

Pop is simply a convenient place for writing things down — that piece of paper you grab to write when you have an idea. It doesn't help you do anything smarter or more organised.

'Copy All' and 'Read' are the only features, to make it easy to use your words or read uninterrupted. Anything else seems to add a little more noise, a little less focus. Sometimes you don't need more features.

The little extra effort of having to Copy All and Paste your way out encourages quality and focus. If the words aren't worth a copy and paste, clear the page.

Write without distraction
Tap page fold to read uninterrupted
Copy All and Paste your way out

© 2012 Colin McFarland

Apr 5

SWYPE – Swipe to Type – Zeeplox

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
SWYPE - Swipe to Type artwork

SWYPE – Swipe to Type


Genre: Productivity

Price: $0.99

Release Date: December 06, 2011

Swipe and Type, very simple to use.

This app allows you to swipe through the keyboard in order to type quickly.

–== Key Features ==–

✔ Type or Swipe
✔ Predictive Dictionary
✔ Copy and Paste

© 2011 Zeeplox

Aug 24

Message Bible – Tecarta, Inc.

Posted on Monday, August 24, 2009 in Books
Message Bible artwork

Message Bible

Tecarta, Inc.

Genre: Books

Price: $7.99

Release Date: May 15, 2009

iPhone or iPod Touch 3.0 Required. Do not update this app if you have not updated your device.

The new Tecarta Bible is the premier iPhone Bible application designed specifically for Bible study, quick navigation and easy note taking. This application combines the Bible with powerful, built-in features such as integrated note-taking, bookmarking, search, navigation, copy and paste and email all into one application. No other application matches the design and functionality of the Tecarta Bible.

Each application comes with a single translation of the Bible. You may stream or download via in-app purchase the other available translations.

King James Version

Additional translations will be coming shortly.

Primary Features:
- No internet connection required
- Integrated note taking allows for quick flipping between the Bible and notes
- Email
- 3.0 Copy and paste
- Quick navigation either by using predictive entry into search bar or verse picker
- Shaker generates random verse by shaking verse picker
- Full-text search can be by OT, NT or current book
- Bookmarking
- Notes and Bookmarks can be stored in folders
- History
- Portrait / Landscape mode
- Cross references by double tapping underlined words in the NIV and TNIV
- NIV and TNIV are red letter editions

© Tecarta, Inc. 2009

Aug 24

iPhone: The Missing Manual, Third Edition – O’Reilly Media, Inc.

Posted on Monday, August 24, 2009 in Books
iPhone: The Missing Manual, Third Edition artwork

iPhone: The Missing Manual, Third Edition

O’Reilly Media, Inc.

Genre: Books

Price: $4.99

Release Date: August 02, 2009

By David Pogue
Published by O'Reilly Media (

The new iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3.0 software have arrived, and New York Times tech columnist David Pogue is on top of it with a thoroughly updated edition of iPhone: The Missing Manual. The iPhone is packed with possibilities, and with this handy book, you can explore them all, right on your iPhone.

If you have a new iPhone 3GS, or just updated your 3G with iPhone 3.0, iPhone: The Missing Manual, will bring you up to speed quickly. New York Times tech columnist David Pogue gives you a guided tour of every feature, with lots of tips, tricks, and surprises. You'll learn how to make calls and play songs by voice control, take great photos, keep track of your schedule, and more.

This entertaining book offers complete step-by-step instructions for doing everything from setting up and accessorizing your iPhone to troubleshooting. If you want to learn how iPhone 3.0 lets you search your phone, cut, copy, and paste, and lots more, this full-color book is the best, most objective resource available.

* Use it as a phone: save time with things like Visual Voicemail, contact searching, and more
* Treat it as an iPod: listen to music, upload and view photos, and fill the iPhone with TV shows and movies
* Take the iPhone online: get online, browse the Web, read and compose email in landscape, send photos, contacts, audio files, and more
* Go beyond the iPhone: use iPhone with iTunes, sync it with your calendar, and learn about the App Store, where you can select from thousands of iPhone apps

Unlock the full potential of your iPhone with the book that should have been in the box.

Through a partnership between O'Reilly Media and Lexcycle, this App includes the same great reading features that have made Stanza an iPhone phenomenon with more than two million downloads:
* Search the full book text
* Day/night reading modes
* Change the font size
* Landscape view when you tilt your iPhone
* Extensive cross referencing and working hyperlinks (tap and hold to follow links)
* Zoom in on images and screenshots (tap and hold image)

About O'Reilly Media
O’Reilly Media spreads the knowledge of innovators through its books, online services, magazines, research, and conferences. Whether it's delivered in print, online, or in person, everything O'Reilly produces reflects the company's unshakeable belief in the power of information to spur innovation. Learn more about ebooks from O'Reilly at

About Lexcycle
Lexcycle is the creator of Stanza Bookbinder which was used to create this standalone book application. Stanza Bookbinder is based on the popular iPhone eBook reading application, Stanza. For more information about Stanza, visit

© David Pogue