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Apr 5

irunurun – irunurun

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
irunurun artwork



Genre: Productivity

Price: $0.99

Release Date: December 11, 2011

Introducing the world's first GREATNESS app!

Experience the power of focus, consistency, and accountability in this simple, elegant, and powerful app.

Simply put: What 5 to 7 behaviors would you have to do consistently to experience life-change, develop a new competency, or achieve your potential?

We call these "key actions". They are the things that matter most. When it comes to making an impact, they are ALL that matters.

"This app will change your life!"
"First things first."
"Slick and simple."
"Love irunurun. Great, easy concept and helps keep track of goals."
For more, visit the Intuit Love a Local Business Campaign:

- Leadership & Sales
- Training/Coaching/Mentoring
- Professional Development
- Work/Life Balance

- Faith, Family, Fitness, Fun
- Work/Life Balance
- You Name It

- Define up to 7 "key actions"
(key actions align behaviors w/ goals)
- Weight the actions out of 100 points
- Score points as you get things done
(try to achieve 100pts each week)
- Invite team members for accountability
- Encourage each other to stick w/ it!

- This is a GREATNESS app
- This is about achieving POTENTIAL
- This is HABIT-FORMING (in a good way)
- This is BEING the change

- This is NOT a to-do app
- This is NOT a goal tracker
- This is NOT a CRM
- This is NOT a get-results-quick scheme

View the short video on our site to better understand irunurun and how it works.
Go to:
Click: What is irunurun?

CONTACT US if you…
* Need a dose of PERFORMANCE and ACCOUNTABILITY in your business
* Are trying to hard-wire PEAK PERFORMANCE behaviors into your team
* Believe organizational development starts and ends with GROWING PEOPLE
* Want to private-label irunurun for your TRAINING, COACHING, or CONSULTING practice!

© irunurun 2010

Apr 5

QuickMark – QR Code Reader – SimpleAct Inc.

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
QuickMark - QR Code Reader artwork

QuickMark – QR Code Reader

SimpleAct Inc.

Genre: Productivity

Price: $0.99

Release Date: August 06, 2010

QuickMark is a mobile barcode reader app that allows you to automatically scan and generate multiple barcode formats from your iPhone.

★ QuickMark is Google's recommended barcode reader and selected partner for Google's Favorite Places campaign!

★ CNet Review: "QuickMark takes the top prize. It's full-featured, easy to use… QuickMark is recommend by Google for good reason…"

Simply launch QuickMark, locate the barcode within the camera viewfinder to read its contents.

New advanced features:
☆ Preview web links and maps
☆ Cloud sync your scanned and created barcodes
☆ Facebook Like and Check In
☆ Works with QuickMark's free Chrome browser extension!

Supported barcode formats:
◇ 2D barcodes: Quick Code (QuickMark), QR Code, Data Matrix.
◇ 1D barcodes: EAN8/13 (Goods, Books), Code 39 (Bills), Code 128 (Packages).

Things you can do by reading a 2D barcode:
1. Access a web link
2. Make a phone call
3. Send an email
4. Add a phone contact
5. Navigate Google Maps to a specific POI
6. Check in to a location
7. Add event to Calendar
8. Conduct a web search
9. Supports Structured Append barcodes

Found a cool link from scanning a barcode? Send it to..
◇ Twitter
◇ Facebook
◇ Instapaper
◇ Read It Later
◇ Evernote

Other notable features:
1. Decode barcode images from Photo Album
2. Share scanned contacts via Bluetooth
3. Send scanned results to connected MAC on same LAN via Wi-Fi
4. Save membership card barcodes to I am VIP

For 1D barcodes, external macro lens such as Q+ ( may be required (user experience depends on barcode size and lens capability)

We are unable to reply to your feedback here, if you have any questions or comments, please contact us at, @QuickMark on Twitter, or

QR Code is registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED

© 2012 SimpleAct Inc.

Apr 5

ReaddleDocs (documents/attachments viewer and file manager) – Readdle

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
ReaddleDocs (documents/attachments viewer and file manager) artwork

ReaddleDocs (documents/attachments viewer and file manager)


Genre: Productivity

Price: $4.99

Release Date: July 13, 2008

ReaddleDocs is all-in-one document reader for iPhone and iPod Touch.

It can catch documents from any source you can imagine: PC or Mac computers, web sites, email attachments, iDisk, Dropbox and other online file storages and even iPhones. All files are saved to your iPhone or iPod Touch locally so you can enjoy reading them anywhere!

★ One of the apps that makes iPhone worth the price ★
Walt Mossberg, The Wall Street Journal.

★ ReaddleDocs is the Rolls Royce of document portfolios ★
Best iPhone Apps, O'

ReaddleDocs features outstanding PDF viewer that:
✚ opens large PDFs
✚ supports full text search
✚ has text reflow mode
✚ handles PDF links and outlines
✚ opens password protected documents
✚ extracts text from the PDFs

What ReaddleDocs let you do:

★ Copy files From Mac or PC via Wi-Fi
Any Mac OS X, Windows XP/Vista/7 computer can connect to the iPhone or iPod Touch running ReaddleDocs and operate it like a wireless flash drive. No additional software is required.

★ Read Office Documents
ReaddleDocs' built-in viewer supports PDF, MS Office (Word, Excel and Powerpoint) and Apple iWork files. To read documents from other software like MS Project, Visio or OmniGraffle simply print them as PDF files and copy to ReaddleDocs.

★ Save Email Attachments
Forward email with attachment to your unique Readdle Storage mail-in address and save it to your device using ReaddleDocs. Or download files directly from IMAP/POP3 enabled mail servers.

★ Share Files With Your Friends
Email files directly from ReaddleDocs. Or even transfer documents between the iPhones.

★ Read Books On The Go
ReaddleDocs also allows you to read books in a variety of formats. TXT, FB2, ePub, RTF and HTML files are supported in addition to PDF and DOC documents.

★ Transfer files to iPhone with or without Wi-Fi
ReaddleDocs supports transferring files to your device using both EDGE or 3G network. Just upload your documents to Readdle Storage using regular Internet connection and instantly access them from the ReaddleDocs.

★ Save Documents From the Web
Use built-in web browser to find and save files from the Web directly to your device. Save whole webpages with images to read them offline.

★ Access iDisk, Dropbox, GoogleDocs And Other Storages
ReaddleDocs allows you to download and upload files from MobileMe iDisk, Dropbox, GoogleDocs and other services. If you use more than one online storage, ReaddleDocs will handle all of them. Even some home NAS drives are supported.

Some Other Tasty Features
✓ Bookmarks any place in a document
✓ Optional password protection for your files
✓ Create/unpack zip archives
✓ Fast scroll through large documents
✓ Powerful file management
✓ Fullscreen mode and many more

Follow @Readdle on twitter to get latest news about our products

© 2008-2012 Readdle Inc.

Apr 5

iStudiez Pro – iStudiez Team

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
iStudiez Pro artwork

iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Team

Genre: Productivity

Price: $2.99

Release Date: April 15, 2009

2010 Best Young Adults App for iPad!
2010 Best Parenting App for iPad!
2009 Best App Ever Award Winner in Education category!

A student's life is a dizzying mix of activity and just plain craziness! Take charge of your schedule and put iStudiez Pro to work for you! Take advantage of iStudiez Pro easy navigation and never miss another course, lecture and lab, track tasks and deadlines, plan homework, arrange assignments and much more!

- Are you a student surviving high school, college or university epoch?
- Are you a teacher aiming to track down all the courses and classes you lead?
- Are you a parent trying to take care of your kids and to catch up while they are in elementary?

Then iStudiez is for you!


Once you start using the app you will immediately want nothing else to be the tool to arrange all your schedule and homework once and for good. Read below and find out why iStudiez Pro would be the most efficient app on your device!

iStudiez Pro is…

Unique built-in planner lets you input and easy manage all types of schedules including classic, alternating (A & B weeks), rotating and block schedule.
Not only you can enter most common course details, but also add instructors with all related information such as office hours, affiliation, phone number and email address. As well you are welcome to add holiday periods and even cancel separate classes in case of outstanding events.
In addition, you are supplied with an expanded set of icons designed especially for iStudiez Pro to mark your class types and extracurricular activities. Color labels are available for your convenience to mark each particular course.

Special section is dedicated to keep track of your homework and assignments. Whatever is the way you are used to manage your tasks, you will find it all in iStudiez Pro. Either you want to organize your assignments by date, by course or by priority, or sort them into pending and completed, you have all options at your hand.

Once your schedule is added, the summary of current classes and tasks is automatically reflected in Today view.
You'll see list of events and assignments including all details such as event type, location, time left, class instructor, number of tasks pending and what's next on schedule.
Courses reflected in Today view are easily modifiable in each and every detail.
Today icon always sticks you to the current date!

This option is based on assignments (support of weighted/non-weighted assignments), and GPA calculator is available both for current and past semesters. Support of most world used grading scales (letter grades, percents, points).

You will always be up to date with pending tasks and upcoming classes and events with iStudiez Pro. The app boasts Push Notifications feature which allows you set general alarm time for your classes and separate alarms for each of your assignments and homework.
Setting the alarms is quick and smartly integrated within the interface of the app, so prepare to be the most resulting fellow ever with no special memorizing efforts!

No way you will ever lose your data if something's wrong with your device. iStudiez Pro takes care of you and offers the option to back up your data by sending it to your e-mail address with tapping just one button!

Follow us on or on Facebook to stay always updated of our news and developments.

© 2009-2012 iStudiez Team

Apr 5

ColorNote – Tobias Bæck

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
ColorNote artwork


Tobias Bæck

Genre: Productivity

Price: $1.99

Release Date: January 13, 2012

ColorNote is a simple yet effective notes and to-do app. It provides good basic functionality with an attractive and clutter-free design.

Make great looking color-coded to-do lists to help keep track of tasks.

© Tobias Bæck