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Apr 5

Handbook for iPhone – Tips & Tricks – Simon Blog

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
Handbook for iPhone - Tips & Tricks artwork

Handbook for iPhone – Tips & Tricks

Simon Blog

Genre: Productivity

Price: $1.99

Release Date: August 31, 2011

**** On Sale for Limited Time Only to Celebrate the v2.0 Release ****
Take your iPhone knowledge to the next level with this ultimate handbook. It covers all hidden tips and tricks including how you can create free iPhone ringtones and improve battery life.

★★★★★ "Wonderful application. What a big job."
★★★★★ "The app is one of the best handbook with tips and tricks! It is very useful!"
★★★★★ "Very helpful – Learned a lot of shortcuts and useful techniques"
★★★★★ "This app really helped me understand the iOS 5 and I learned s lot of shortcuts."

* Covers over 200 tips and tricks including the iOS 5 and Siri
* Get the most out of your iPhone battery with battery saving tips
* Unlike an ordinary iPhone book, this handbook will be updated when any new iOS version is out. The best is you get free update!
* Share your tip with your friends via email

If you're new to iPhone or iOS 5, this handbook is specially for you. You'll learn the everything you need to know about the device. We try to keep the tips short and easy to follow with lots of screenshots to walk you through.

This handbook is not just for beginners. Even you've been a long-time iPhone user, we're sure you'll find some tips useful and make you more productive.

✓ How to block your caller ID when making a call
✓ How to capture a screenshot
✓ How to enlarge the font size in Notes, Mail and Messages app
✓ How to show the battery life in percentage
✓ How to dial a phone number with extension
✓ How to use conditional call forwarding (e.g. call forward when busy)
✓ How to type foreign language
✓ How to open an attachment in Mail with your preferred app
✓ How to sync a note and save it to your email account
✓ How to create free custom ringtone
✓ How to share music with your friend and listen to it together
✓ How to disable SMS preview
✓ How to locate your lost/stolen iPhone
✓ How to remotely wipe your lost iPhone to prevent unauthorized access
✓ How to use iPhone to remote control the iTunes on desktop

We also cover tips to resolve some common issues such as Wi-Fi connection problems and iPhone hang issue.

For less than a cup of coffee, you can easily become an iPhone expert.

© 2011 Simon Blog

Apr 5

My Locked Folder – MinhMobileDev

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
My Locked Folder artwork

My Locked Folder


Genre: Productivity

Price: $0.99

Release Date: December 03, 2011

Apr 5

Launch Center – Tap. Tap. Go! – App Cubby

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
Launch Center - Tap. Tap. Go! artwork

Launch Center – Tap. Tap. Go!

App Cubby

Genre: Productivity

Price: $0.99

Release Date: December 21, 2011

**On sale for a limited time. Get the power of Launch Center for just 99¢**

It’s like speed dial, but for more than just phone calls. Launch apps and trigger actions from a quick, easy to use app. Call a friend, send a text, jump right to Instagram's camera, automatically search "coffee" in Yelp, launch Facebook into Messaging, post a Tweet, turn on a flashlight — get to where you're going faster than ever before!

“Launch Center has become one of my new favorite apps, earning a spot in my iPhone’s dock… I use Launch Center every day and I can already see scheduled launch actions becoming an integral part of my workflow…” —Federico Viticci – MacStories

Supported Apps:
- Phone
- Messages
- Mail
- Tweetbot
- OmniFocus
- Facebook
- Yelp
- Instagram
- Built in Flashlight
- Any app with a URL scheme

Full list of officially supported apps:

**Note: Notifications do not stay in Notification Center permanently, Apple does not allow apps that do this. Notifications appear when scheduled and are cleared when Launch Center is opened (just like any other app that uses Notification Center).

For help with Launch Center or to submit feedback, please visit

© App Cubby

Apr 5

Animated Emoticons™ for MMS Text Message, Email!!! – touchme

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
Animated Emoticons™ for MMS Text Message, Email!!! artwork

Animated Emoticons™ for MMS Text Message, Email!!!


Genre: Productivity

Price: $0.99

Release Date: August 26, 2010


You found it! The best animated emoticon and emoji app in the App Store! Use them for SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Notes!

Style & Spice up your boring MMS & Email messages with the highest quality, hilarious & fun 3D Animations!

Your amazing MMS Text Message, Email will bright your friends, family members,colleagues day!

You can easy to use, quickly access, search, add to favorite all animated emotions offline.


-Share animated emotions to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr

- Share animated emotions with MMS

- Copy animated emotions to clipboard

- Create yourself emotions by "Create category" function.

- With built-in emotion web browser to down gif pictures to
create your self emotions.

- With define yourself emotions functions you can have endless animated emotions!

- With Copy and Define yourself animated emotion you can
copy gif pictures to define yourself emotions.

- With"Favorite" to manage your favorite emotions(ADD/REMOVE)

- With"Recent" to record you last used emotions

- Search all animated emoticons

- Built-in Mailer for quickly sharing your emotions with email!

# This app doesn't provide MMS service. So you should have MMS service enabled for your device firstly, Then you can send, receive MMS messages with Animated Emotions!

#If you have set MMS content size to a limited value. when you paste animated emotion make sure your MMS message content as small as possible, because some animated emotion size is bigger enough that cant sent
through one MMS text message! so if you cant paste an animated emotion, you can adjust the MMS message
content size limited at "setting" on iPhone desktop!

© touchme

Apr 5

Wildland Toolkit – Peakview Software LLC

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
Wildland Toolkit artwork

Wildland Toolkit

Peakview Software LLC

Genre: Productivity

Price: $5.99

Release Date: June 07, 2009

Wildland Toolkit is a calculator and reference guide for wildland firefighters. With it, you can predict fire behavior much like a weather prediction. Just enter the fuel, weather, and topography information and Wildland Toolkit will generate:

–RH and Dewpoint
–Fine Dead Fuel Moisture
–Probability of Ignition
–Rate of Spread
–Scorch height
–Direction of Max Spread
–Effective Windspeed

All 54 of the new fuel models are supported, with a guide to select the proper fuel model, complete with sample photos.

NOTE: There are no known calculation errors in this version. We will immediately fix any problems reported to us directly.

Wildland Toolkit is not a tutorial on wildland fire behavior, so if the terms above do not make any sense, then this application will not teach you. It is assumed that you know the same background information that is presented in an S290 or S390 class. The calculations done in the Wildland Toolkit are similar to what is done with the BEHAVE software, but you will find the user interface much easier to use.

In addition, numerous safety checklists and reference guides are included, such as watchouts, fire orders, safety zones, structure defense, etc. Photos and diagrams are provided for cloud types, hand signals, common wildland tools, and ICS org charts. An interactive practice quiz is included for NIMS IS-700 and S290.

Now a universal app, so one purchase gets you iphone, ipod touch, and iPad support.

© John Covele