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Dec 2

Suprabhatam Lite

Posted on Tuesday, December 2, 2008 in Books, Free Iphone Applications

Lord Venkateswara is the main diety of the Tirumala temple, Tirupathi. The lord is an incarnation of lord Vishnu.

He is worshipped by the people with different names like Balaji, Srinivasa, Govinda. Venkateswara means the Lord who destroys the sins of the people. According the Hindu scriptures, Vishnu, out of love towards his devotees, incarnated as Venkateshwara and appeared for the salvation and upliftment of humanity in this Kali Yuga and is considered the supreme form of Vishnu in this age.

Suprabhatam (Sanskrit: सुप्रभातम “auspicious dawn”) is a name given to Sanskrit hymns recited in the morning to awaken the Lord. (more…)

Dec 1

iphone application – hanuman chalisa lite

Posted on Monday, December 1, 2008 in Books, Free Iphone Applications
Hanuman is considered as siranjaeevi (to live eternally).
He is the monkey God, strong, full of valour, with various skills and powers. At the same time, he is wise, a great gnani, yogi and a brahmachari.
He had only one thought that of serving his Lord Rama with utmost humility and devotion. He is known as
Siriya Thiruvadi. He is considered to be an amsam of Lord Siva. He is known by various names – Hanuman – (His jaw & cheek had gone in when struck by the Vajrayudha of Indra), Anjaneya – (in Karnataka), Aanjaneyalu – (in Andhra Pradesh), Aanjaneyan – (son of Anjana), Maruthi – (son of Vaayu – in Maharashtra), Anumandhan, Vaayunandhan, Kesarinandhanan (son of Kesari), Aadhitasishyan and Siriya Thiruvadi (vahanam for Rama)