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Apr 5

Corkulous Pro – Appigo

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
Corkulous Pro artwork

Corkulous Pro


Genre: Productivity

Price: $4.99

Release Date: April 15, 2010

Corkulous™ idea board is the incredible new way to collect, organize, and share your ideas. Access your ideas anywhere on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch with built-in iCloud support. Share your ideas with your friends and family by storing your cork boards in Dropbox. See the demo video:

Corkulous is a multi-purpose app containing cork boards where you can place notes, labels, photos, contacts, and tasks. Group your ideas visually on one board or spread ideas out across multiple boards (sub-boards also supported). Each cork board has plenty of real estate to capture your best ideas and plans.


Family Message Center, Kitchen Cork Board, Reminder Board, Simple Mind Map, Goal Manager, Vacation/Event Planner, Vision Board, Simple to-do list, Exam Study Aid, Lesson Planner, … and more!


Plan any kind of event, collaborate with friends and colleagues, manage project assignments, brainstorm something BIG, prepare or teach a lesson, track your goals, keep track of your kids' chore list, take notes, build a simple org chart, … and whatever else you might think of.


- Notes, Labels, Photos, Contacts, Tasks, Index Cards, and Arrow Flags
- Full board view with pinch zooming
- Search cork board items
- Email board snapshots as PDFs or images
- Export board PDFs via iTunes File Sharing
- Save images to Saved Photos album
- Unique back side of the cork board
- Excellent and proven customer support
- Oh yeah, did we mention it's FUN? !!

Corkulous Pro:
- iCloud Support: Store your cork boards in iCloud and automatically keep them up to date across all your iOS devices (requires iOS 5.0 or later)
- Dropbox Support: Store your cork boards in Dropbox, access them from all your iOS devices, and share them with other Dropbox users
- Multiple cork boards
- Nested cork boards
- Passcode lock main cork boards
- Export, Share, and Import Corkulous files

Corkulous (free version):
-Gives you a single board on your iOS device's collection to work with
-Connect with Dropbox folders and view (read-only) Corkulous boards shared by others


That's right, we LOVE positive feedback! Please be kind in your app reviews, tell others how you use Corkulous, and stay tuned for new and exciting features.


© 2010-2012 Appigo, Inc.

Apr 5

Writing Prompts – 21×20 Media, Inc.

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
Writing Prompts artwork

Writing Prompts

21×20 Media, Inc.

Genre: Productivity

Price: $1.99

Release Date: February 07, 2011

Writing.Com presents "Writing Prompts", the iPhone app with an endless supply of creative inspiration!

–>> Search iTunes for "A+ Writing Prompts", our an all inclusive, bundled app… perfect for the classroom!
–>> Are you an artist? Search iTunes for "Art Prompts" – Our app just for you!

Our writing prompt generators use current events, scene elements, words, sketches, colors, genres and writing types, unleashing endless random bits of fantasy to fuel your muse. Plus, we've included our database of 600 creative writing prompts so you've got them right at your finger tips, online or off!

Shake your device or swipe across the screen to change prompts. Add the prompts you like best to your favorites and revisit them at any time.

** Five prompt generators: News, Scenes, Sketches, Texts and Words. Store your favorite prompts into the "Fav's" tab by tapping the favorite star on any prompt.

** Includes over 250 scene elements, 400 words, 60 sketches, 10 colors, 80+ genres and more — all of which generate millions and millions of unique prompts. Add up to 4 additional packs of prompts through in-app purchase. Each pack includes hundreds of new scene elements, 100 sketches and more. Add them all you'll have literally billions of possible prompts.

** Includes 600 text prompts. This assortment of phrases, quotes, writing exercises, story openers and much more will help jump start your writing muse.

** Store an unlimited number of prompts in your "Favorite Prompts". Quickly swipe back and forth to page through them.

** Prompt generators support both portrait and landscape orientations.

** Multitasking support! Switch to another app and back, Writing Prompts resumes quickly right to where you left off.

** Swipe left-to-right to go back to previous prompt! (This is an option in the settings area that can be switched to right-to-left swipe or turned off completely.)

This app is sure to help you fight writer's block and get your creativity flowing!

Write on!

© Writing.Com

Apr 5

Passwords Plus – DataViz, Inc.

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
Passwords Plus artwork

Passwords Plus

DataViz, Inc.

Genre: Productivity

Price: $2.99

Release Date: December 14, 2011

New Version now automatically syncs your data between your iOS device and your Windows computer!*

Passwords Plus is a secure, easy to use app that organizes and stores all of your passwords, PINs, usernames, web logins, account numbers, and other crucial data that you need either daily or occasionally. You just need to create ONE “master password” and that’s it! It’s the last password you’ll ever need to remember. So you can
• Stop using the SAME password for all your accounts!
• Stop writing down passwords on post-it notes and leave them lying around!
• Never again click that “Forgot my password” link on all your favorite websites!

Passwords Plus is simple to use and a snap to set up. It even allows you to synchronize the data on your iOS device with your Windows PC all through our secure cloud using our SamePage technology. This synchronization all happens automatically – unless you choose otherwise.

Other apps require you to open accounts with third party cloud services in order to back up, restore and sync your data. DataViz does it all for you by walking you through one easy to use wizard. Within minutes, you’ll have Passwords Plus set up on iPhone, iPad and Windows computer and all of your data will be the same in each place.

ONE PRICE… No hidden fees. Pay for Passwords Plus in the App Store once. Then download our Windows app for FREE. No extra charge for backup, restore or sync.

Made by the developers of Documents To Go, one of the leading Business apps on iPhone today with over 2 Million apps sold.

Features Include:
• 256-bit Encryption – Same encryption level used by the government and financial institutions.
• Generate Password – Automatically generate a random password so you don’t continue to choose “obvious” passwords
• AutoSync* – Passwords Plus will automatically sync your data with our secure cloud so that your iPhone or iPad data matches your Windows computer
• Autolock – App locks after set time period, ensuring data security if your phone is lost or stolen
• Self-destruct – Set the app to uninstall if too many wrong passwords are attempted (you customize the number)
• Multiple categories per record plus a “Favorites” view – So you can easily find what you’re looking for.
• Templates to help you get started with adding your crucial data
• Web icons will bring you directly to the URL that’s stored in a particular record

*AutoSync is optional and can be set to off (manual sync).

© 2012

Apr 5

DocScanner – Norfello Oy

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
DocScanner artwork


Norfello Oy

Genre: Productivity

Price: $3.99

Release Date: April 17, 2009

"With DocScanner, you can turn any document into a PDF by simply snapping a photo. The ability to scan anywhere, any time may fundamentally change your relationship to scraps of paper. Of the major scanning apps, DocScanner's image quality is a cut above the rest." – The Wall Street Journal January 8, 2011

With DocScanner you can make multipage PDFs by taking photos of any documents, invoices, whiteboards, receipts etc.

DocScanner crops, sharpens and corrects the white balance and more.

Take a picture of a document with iPhone’s camera, email it as PDF.

DocScanner has industry leading image processing algorithms which automatically turn the picture to look like you have scanned the document with a flatbed scanner.
Using custom algorithms DocScanner takes most of the iPhone’s camera and corrects perspective, whiteness, noise and other parts of the image to produce beautiful and clear scans.

Use DocScanner to capture whiteboards and receipts, digitize your Moleskine notebook to a PDF-file or Evernote.

DocScanner is not limited to paper documents only. You can use it to make clear captures of meeting notes on a whiteboard and later on include those to your presentations. You can scan multipage documents such as your whole Moleskine notebook. It is great for scanning receipts of your business expenses. You can even set up a synchronization rule to email all of your receipts to your accountant.

Search text within your document library.

DocScanner has an internal OCR-function that recognizes text and turns the documents you have captured with the camera to searchable text. The matching text in searched words get highlighted. In addition you can also copy the recognized text and e.g. send it with e-mail.

Wi-Fi Share.

DocScanner has an internal web server that makes your library of documents accessible via web browser. Once your iPhone is connected to the same wireless network with your Mac, you can open Safari and go to the address shown on your iPhone’s screen. Your documents in document library can be viewed and downloaded as PDF from the web-interface. Your iPhone shows the requests in real time.

Use Evernote as your second brain.

If you are unfamiliar with Evernote, it is a cloud storage service for documents with lot of additional document related functionality, such as search and handwriting recognition. We happen to love Evernote and use it by ourselves. We have been working closely with them to make DocScanner the best Scanner App to feed your Evernote account. It has various ways to send a document to Evernote for different use cases. You can also set a synchronization rule to define even more specific use cases. Once you are up and running with the setup you can sync with one tap. DocScanner can be found in the Evernote Trunk too. You can set Evernote account up for free or buy their premium plan.

Drop your documents to your Dropbox.

When DocScanner was released, we started to get request to integrate with Dropbox almost immediately. That’s not strange, as Dropbox is super-useful, popular and clean cloud storage service. DocScanner is listed in Dropbox App Directory. iDisk, WebDAV and Google Docs.

DocScanner has integrations to iDisk, WebDAV and Google Docs. Saving your documents to these services is made as easy as saving them locally. Additionally you can gain more accurate OCR result by saving to Google Docs. By supporting various cloud services we aim to make DocScanner as versatile document capture tool as possible. When ever a paper document lands to your life you can always digitize it fast with the same process and same tool. Then send it to relevant tool for doing the next part of the process. DocScanner is a great capture tool for GTD.

© 2009-2011 Norfello Oy

Apr 5

Emoji Emoticons Pro — Best Emojis Emoticon Keyboard with Text Tricks for SMS, Facebook and Twitter – Avocado Hills, Inc.

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Productivity
Emoji Emoticons Pro — Best Emojis Emoticon Keyboard with Text Tricks for SMS, Facebook and Twitter artwork

Emoji Emoticons Pro — Best Emojis Emoticon Keyboard with Text Tricks for SMS, Facebook and Twitter

Avocado Hills, Inc.

Genre: Productivity

Price: $0.99

Release Date: January 09, 2012

Start typing Emoji icons and other sweet symbols directly on your iPhone keyboard today! Send emoticons to your friends in Mail, SMS, Notes and all other apps!

More than 1,000 Emoji icons and symbols to choose from. See what you can type: